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(as) conceited as a barber's cat

Very narcissistic or vain. Don't invite Joe to lunch unless you want to hear him brag about all the important things he's doing in his new job. He's just as conceited as a barber's cat lately.
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*conceited as a barber's cat

Rur. very conceited; vain. (*Also: as ~.) Ever since he won that award, he's been as conceited as a barber's cat.
See also: cat, conceited
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BARBER Barber looks set for a U-turn on its "no women" policy, following a battle to serve customers alcohol.
Brandon Barber wants to hold onto his life insurance policy for his children.
WHEN it opened just over 75 years ago, The Barber Institute of Fine Arts was described by The Times as being the "purest example" of the work of a key British architect.
PORTLAND, Maine, June 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Barber Foods isn't celebrating history.
com)-- Park West Barber School, a leading provider in barber education, has announced that its Rewarding Kids For Excellence initiative will celebrate and acknowledge students in grades K-12 who have achieved the honor roll by offering them a free haircut.
A DINAS Powys barber is celebrating after being shortlisted in a competition to find Britain's Best Wet Shaving Barber.
MISS Tracy Barber and Mr Daniel Pilkington were married at St David's Church, Holmbridge.
Good steady barber business 4 total chairs, 1 shampoo bowl, two dryers, two nail stations and a private room.
Zahid, getting hair cut by a roadside barber in G-7, said the services of standard shops were unaffordable for the poor.
Whoever controls the licensing can set any rules they want, and you're controlled by them," said licensed barber Clayton Cooper.
CLINTON - Alexander Puleo has opened Alexander's Family Barber Shop at 343 Main St.
ISLAMABAD -- Unhygienic condition of barber shops go unchecked in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi due to lukewarm attitude of the authorities concerned.
The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, on the University of Birmingham's Edgbaston campus, was created by Dame Martha Constance 'Hattie' Barber and the first trustees, who signed the Deed of Trust on December 13 1932.
The Samuel Barber centenary was bound to encourage a profusion of new publications about the composer, supplementing Barbara Heyman's authoritative Samuel Barber: The Composer and His Music (New York: Oxford University Press, 1992), which will soon appear in a new edition.
I can't accept money from you," replied the barber.