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ban from

To prohibit someone from ever returning to something or some place. My rude comments got me banned from that website. My friends and I were banned from that restaurant after we started a food fight there.
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blanket ban

A ban that applies to or affects all or the majority of a given class of people or things. Can't the government put a blanket ban on solicitors? Literally no one wants someone to show up at their house, unannounced, trying to sell something. The school is introducing a blanket ban on smart phones during school hours, much to the chagrin of its students.
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ban someone from something

1. to prohibit someone from doing something. We banned everyone from smoking. Everyone has been banned from smoking.
2. to prohibit someone from entering something or some place. (The same as bar someone from some place.) They banned us from the building. The manager banned the children from the theater.
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'Cambodian authorities know the ban would have a negative effect on the livelihood of people from both countries.
World Wildlife Fund (WWF) also called for a cautious review of the suggestions made by china to lift the ban. Decades of poaching have rendered tigers and rhinos endangered, with less than 4,000 wild tigers currently remaining in the wild.
"By overturning a discriminatory ban that is fueled by and is fueling prejudice and intolerance, today's decision has drawn an important line in the sand," Amnesty International Europe Director John Dalhuisen said in a statement.
In the 2012 case of AB v Bragg Communications Inc, 2012 SCC 46, [2012] 2 SCR 567 ("Bragg"), the issue of publication bans arose in the context of cyberbullying.
Also in Bridgend, a pupil was banned for five days in 2012 for throwing a brick at the bus window from outside; another was banned for five days in 2014 for throwing a drinks can at another pupil, resulting in them going to A&E; one was banned in 2011 for five days for throwing a pen at the driver; while a pupil was given a 16-day ban in 2014 for throwing a water bottle and hitting a pedestrian.
One of the toddlers was handed a five-day ban for failing to follow safety instructions.
The order was challenged in the Supreme Court by a Jain organisation,which argued that the meat ban is a reasonable restriction,"keeping in mind the sensitivity of the people of a section of the society".
But the bans BJP has imposed are senseless and irrational.
He said that the same held true when smokers report a total smoking ban in their city or town, asserting that having both home and city bans on smoking appears to be even more effective.
There are still questions about the circumstances in which an employment ban can be enforced when a resident decides to quit their job with a view to securing employment with a new company, but officials say there are exceptions which allow bans to be lifted.
Since 2001, the pervasiveness of 100-percent smoke-free bans has increased dramatically--from 32 local laws in 2001 to 308 by the end of 2009.
Four more communities, three of them in California, have banned single-use plastic carryout bags, bringing the number of communities with plastics-related bans in the United States to 74, almost two-thirds of them in California.
The Marine Board should retain both bans. There is no shortage of other lakes on which motorboats can cruise and float planes can land.
From personal experience I know that there are people in Bahrain who fully understand the impact of a travel ban. I had a travel ban and know people who still have travel bans.