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ban from

To prohibit someone from ever returning to something or some place. My rude comments got me banned from that website. My friends and I were banned from that restaurant after we started a food fight there.
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blanket ban

A ban that applies to or affects all or the majority of a given class of people or things. Can't the government put a blanket ban on solicitors? Literally no one wants someone to show up at their house, unannounced, trying to sell something. The school is introducing a blanket ban on smart phones during school hours, much to the chagrin of its students.
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ban someone from something

1. to prohibit someone from doing something. We banned everyone from smoking. Everyone has been banned from smoking.
2. to prohibit someone from entering something or some place. (The same as bar someone from some place.) They banned us from the building. The manager banned the children from the theater.
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