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under the banner (of) (something)

1. Identifying oneself with a particular title, slogan, etc. Before they officially formed their nonprofit as you know it today, they went under the banner "Green Jobs for Good."
2. With the stated support for or of something. This usage is always followed by "of (something)." We're holding the rally under the banner of equality and tolerance. All are welcome.
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under the banner of

1 claiming to support a particular cause or set of ideas. 2 as part of a particular group or organization.
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References in classic literature ?
To refrain from intercepting an enemy whose banners are in perfect order, to refrain from attacking an army drawn up in calm and confident array:--this is the art of studying circumstances.
And, then, as the black falcon wing on the banners of the advancing horsemen became distinguishable, they saw that it was the Outlaw of Torn.
It was hard to people this solitude with rushing columns of cavalry, and stir its torpid pulses with the shouts of victors, the shrieks of the wounded, and the flash of banner and steel above the surging billows of war.
But should the banner staff of Merry Mount be fortunate, sunshine would break upon the hills, and flowers would beautify the forest, and late posterity do homage to the Maypole.
As we glance again at the Maypole, a solitary sunbeam is fading from the summit, and leaves only a faint, golden tinge blended with the hues of the rainbow banner.
It groaned with a dismal sound; it showered leaves and rosebuds upon the remorseless enthusiast; and finally, with all its green boughs and ribbons and flowers, symbolic of departed pleasures, down fell the banner staff of Merry Mount.
Suppose I admit, for a moment, the possibility of breaking your word, and evading the treaty -- such a thing sometimes happens, but that is when some great interest is to be promoted by it, or when the treaty is found to be too troublesome -- well, you will authorize the engagement asked of you: France -- her banner, which is the same thing -- will cross the Straits and will fight; France will be conquered.
By All Saints' day, however ere the last leaves had fluttered to earth in the Wilverley and Holmesley glades, he had filled up his full numbers, and mustered under his banner as stout a following of Hampshire foresters as ever twanged their war-bows.
And I am acceptable," he said, "I serve beneath the banner of the daughter of The Warlord now--and forever.
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Some of the AT&T banners took less than six hours to program--a considerably shorter amount of time than rich media solutions offered by other companies.
CISI) announced today the company has opened their new ECIS Banner Mall International website located at http://banners.
KARACHI -- Two days after the banners against traitors of Altaf were put on display, banners appeared on different walls of the city, calling for death to those who are traitors of the country.
Power Tabs are the corner reinforcement solution for creating super strong banners of any length.