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under the banner (of) (something)

1. Identifying oneself with a particular title, slogan, etc. Before they officially formed their nonprofit as you know it today, they went under the banner "Green Jobs for Good."
2. With the stated support for or of something. This usage is always followed by "of (something)." We're holding the rally under the banner of equality and tolerance. All are welcome.
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under the banner of

1 claiming to support a particular cause or set of ideas. 2 as part of a particular group or organization.
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Political analysts say the banner from Faisal Vawda has deepened the assumptions that the PTI leader was going to join Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP).
Banner Ups understands some problems cannot be resolved with a one-size-fits-all solutions, which is why Banner Ups offer fully customized grommet alternatives.
Visitors to the museum, at Overton, near Flockton, will have a chance to see the Follonsby (Wardley) Lodge banner of the Durham Miners' Association on Wednesday March 6.
A banner reading "Here Comes the Bride" is a great addition to the wedding ceremony when carried down the aisle by an adorable little girl in batiste, lace, and ribbons.
AS A banner enthusiast I was pleased to read about the finding of the Hebburn Colliery banner by former High Row minister Bill Lee, pictured.
LIVERPOOL fans today confirmed they were the football banner kings of Europe.
This one-of-a-kind grassroots project, developed by MENC, is an attempt at rekindling national awareness of American traditions, promoting the significance of The Star Spangled Banner and re-teaching Americans to sing the national anthem through a three-year national consumer education campaign targeting schools, professional sporting events and other local events.
The Star-Spangled Banner gets some tender loving care
Robinson's local environmental group has joined the Great Lakes Health Banner Project, a coalition of over 80 community groups, workers, veterans, school groups and environmental groups who are concerned about growing health problems in their communities and angry at government officials who have failed to respond.
The innovative banner hangers from Banner Ups are designed to rejuvenate any damaged signs or banners.
A pit banner is to be recreated to take to the famous Durham Miners' Gala for generations to come.
the creator of the original Banner Ups, suggests that banner finishing companies choose their banner hangers and reap all the benefits.