bank up

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bank something up

 (against something)
1. to heap or mound up something so that it presses against something. Walter banked the coals up against the side of the furnace. He banked up the coals against the side. Tim banked the coals up.
2. to heap or mound up something to guard against something. They had to build barriers to hide behind. They banked dirt and rubble up against the oncoming attackers. Who banked up this dirt against the flood? The river was rising, so we banked some dirt up.
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Bank Up Corporation is a privately held company that provides item and remittance processing, business continuity services, remote corporate capture processing, hosted data back-up and business continuity consulting to financial institutions and government agencies.
com, both of Bank Up Corporation; or Greg Berardi of Blue Marlin Partners, office, +1-415-239-7826, mobile, +1-415-672-2377, greg@bluemarlinpartners.
Michael Santimauro, CEO of Bank Up Corporation, said, "We acquired the Flex assets to support our efforts to provide a full spectrum of scalable solutions for remittance processing.
We look forward to working with Bank Up in the future by offering its wide range of remittance/lock box services to Open Solutions' clients.
The relationship with Bank Up Corporation provides Open Solutions with a trusted partner who can deliver integrated remittance solutions to its clients and prospects.
com, both of Bank Up Corporation; Greg Berardi, Blue Marlin Partners, +1-415-239-7826, Mobile - +1-415-672-2377, greg@bluemarlinpartners.
Since many financial institutions do not have the staff or resources to meet this challenge, Pacific Bell and BANK UP Business Recovery Services, through its sister company Network Recovery Services (NRS), have developed the first complete solution to the FDIC mandate.
By partnering with Pacific Bell and using its FasTrak Frame Relay services, BANK UP can ensure that our member institutions' data is completely backed-up on a regular basis at a secure, off-site location that allows them unlimited access to their data at any time.
The BANK UP Total Solution is simple to activate, maintain, and access.
Networks connected to our service can recover from disasters in one of three ways," said BANK UP founder John Barrett.
Pacific Bell and BANK UP plan to call on BANK UP's extensive banking relationships to market the concept to financial institutions and other businesses throughout California.
Global Banking News-10 April 2009-Mizuho Corp Bank ups long term prime rate for April(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
If 50 million yen is transferred, the bank ups the premium to 1.