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banish from (something or some place)

To prohibit someone from a certain place or thing. A noun or pronoun can be used between "banish" and "from." My rude comments got me banished from that website. My friends and I were banished from that restaurant after we got into a fight there.
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banish someone or something from some place

to ban or evict someone or something from some place. The town council banished motorcycles from all the parks in town. The new law banished vagrants from the train station.
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turn on hard treatment or control, while banishment is the sign that a
The most recent BCRs delivered have seen banishment implemented for a one-year period.
At the same time, banishment was imposed by way of mitigation for the death sentence.
I am surprised that someone who is known for his banishment of clinical research in psychopharmacology relies heavily one recent study of placebo effects to make his case.
They manage to come to Canada together but are caught and their punishment is banishment with Damienne, Marguerite's servant and friend, on an isolated island in the St.
The jump in scale (such that internal and external scale now match) is enhanced by the reduced palette and Twombly's banishment of the quasi-atmospheric modulations engendered by the smudgy erasures in the gray paintings.
The period of banishment is almost over, and God's deliverance is not far off now.
Later, he would provide a haven for another great religious dissenter, Anne Hutchinson, after her banishment from Massachusetts, and secure a royal charter for what became Rhode Island--the first such English grant to articulate fully secular government.
The only people in the Labour movement who think the Chancellor will not be the next PM are those who fear banishment to the political wilderness.
The sketchy news heightened my sense of banishment.
Pete Rose was one of baseball's greatest hitters, but his off-field actions cast a dark light on his achievements, leading to investigations into his gambling and a lifetime banishment from the game which even barred him from induction into the Hall of Fame.
Reformers believe our democracy is vastly improved by the banishment of what had, by any reasonable reckoning, become a form of legalized influence peddling.
The proposed banishment of the name radical would make more difficult the exchange of conclusions among scholars who work with different assumptions, with different evidence, and with different questions" (99).
As the token liberal on a conservative paper, I've ranted against the wacko "don't ask, don't tell" rule, the attempted railroading of a gay sailor who had been rated with the highest marks before a careless E-mail nearly did him in, and the recent banishment of gay linguists from the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center.