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banish from (something or some place)

To prohibit someone from a certain place or thing. A noun or pronoun can be used between "banish" and "from." My rude comments got me banished from that website. My friends and I were banished from that restaurant after we got into a fight there.
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banish someone or something from some place

to ban or evict someone or something from some place. The town council banished motorcycles from all the parks in town. The new law banished vagrants from the train station.
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Let us make a solemn decision now that war will never be tolerated or sought as a means of resolving differences; let us promise our fellow human beings that we will work untiringly for disarmament and the banishing of all nuclear weapons.
3 Within the heady atmosphere that may result from the unfounded supposition that we are seeing the "end of AIDS," we will see extreme factions--one championing abundant sex without qualification, another banishing sex as tantamount to death.
There are, however, three serious weaknesses with Banishing Bureaucracy that must be addressed if the reinvention movement is to survive in the long run.
By banishing the self-centered romanticism that humanizes animals, Schullery makes the familiar strange again.
Other highlights include Stuart Pearce, who will be taking care of the Great Britain Olympic squad this summer, banishing the ghosts of Italia 90 with a penalty against Spain at Euro 96, and the Germans lifting the trophy at Wembley - before stealing the Three Lions song.
Paul Bremer, Washington's viceroy for Iraq, issued a decree banishing members of Saddam's Ba'ath party from leadership positions in the government, military and academia.