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banish from (something or some place)

To prohibit someone from a certain place or thing. A noun or pronoun can be used between "banish" and "from." My rude comments got me banished from that website. My friends and I were banished from that restaurant after we got into a fight there.
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banish someone or something from some place

to ban or evict someone or something from some place. The town council banished motorcycles from all the parks in town. The new law banished vagrants from the train station.
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Banished proved to be a rewarding game when the player does things right.
The London sewers banished cholera, the Panama Canal shortened a brutal sea passage, and the Hoover Dam brought power to a vast portion of the United States.
"The past must be confronted and impunity, banished. The truth must be known, perpetrators must be called to account, and victims must be recognized and provided with redress."
They have set up 10 rules which include the usual design-for-the-site, honesty of materials, no unnecessary ornament, style banished and so on.
Inflamed,dry skin is banished in an instant and I certainly be using this product again!
While the crooks were out celebrating, Landis banished all the gamblers from baseball forever, including "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, the Pete Rose of his era.
Maybe all the easy targets have already been hit, but for some reason, Lake Superior State University's annual compilation of banished words is less than wholly convincing.
Fortunately, Lake Superior State Unversity annually provides a list of the current generation of cliches--what it calls its "List of Words Banished from the Queen's English for Media and General Uselessness."
Reed killed a wagon driver in a fight and was banished from the party.
The former Blues boss described his reaction as 'a bit of fun' but fourth official Neil Perkin took exception and referee Paul Armstrong banished him into the stands.
Those caustic sprays can be banished and replaced with natural alternatives.
DEMIS Roussos lookalike Colin Miller has been banished to the garden shed because he keeps singing the Greek crooner's hit Forever and Ever in his sleep.
Conveniently located in the landmark historic section of Bedford Stuyvesant and loaded with neighborhood charm, chic families are no longer banished to the 'burbs.
Residents of Inglis, Fla., can sleep easier at night: By official proclamation of the mayor, Satan is officially banished from the community.