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banish from (something or some place)

To prohibit someone from a certain place or thing. A noun or pronoun can be used between "banish" and "from." My rude comments got me banished from that website. My friends and I were banished from that restaurant after we got into a fight there.
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banish someone or something from some place

to ban or evict someone or something from some place. The town council banished motorcycles from all the parks in town. The new law banished vagrants from the train station.
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A pill which its makers claim can banish cellulite ``orange peel skin'' was launched in Britain yesterday.
Lately I've been advising just about anyone who will listen to simply banish the word should from their vocabulary.
The winner will certainly banish any recession worries as a EUR1million cheque is waiting for them in Lotto headquarters in Dublin.
30pm NEW SERIES Frank Skinner gives three celebrities a chance to banish their pet hates.
He can live in the past with his memories, or he can banish the ghost in order to be with Annabel.
Adams warned that he is prepared to banish from his side any players he feels are not up to the task of keeping the Foxes in the Premiership.
A PRIEST dressed as Nepal's assassinated king was sent into exile with a TV and electric fans yesterday in a ceremony said to banish the ghosts of the royal massacre.
Cellasene, which costs pounds 75, is taken for eight weeks and promises to banish dimpled fat from bottoms and thighs.