bang (something) against (something)

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bang (something) against (something)

To smack something against another item or surface. I broke the plate when I accidentally banged it against the countertop. She banged her cup against the table to show her displeasure.
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bang something against someone or something

to strike something against someone or something. (Usually refers to striking with something that can make a banging noise.) She banged the spoon against the pan to call everyone to dinner. He banged the pan against me and made me very angry.
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bang against someone or something

to knock or strike against someone or something. The shutter banged against the side of the house. The board banged against me and hurt my shin.
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However, director of rugby Neil Mitchell, who is also without Chad Thorne through injury, is phlegmatic about his team's prospects "We picked up a few knocks and bangs against Leicester Lions," he says, "but it was a physical game and that's the way of things at time.
Wales have been at the centre of a storm over George North, with World Rugby (formerly the IRB) calling for a report from the WRU about whether "concussion protocols" were followed after the Lions wing took two heavy bangs against England.
and something bangs against me, I am overmatched by a morning
When you swing the machine gun, the barrel bangs against the shield, damaging the barrel and the shield.
"He sort of potters up the corridor," explains Rob, "opens the door, bangs against the bedside table which wakes me up and then he will stand there and expect me to lift him up."