bang (something) against (something)

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bang (something) against (something)

To smack something against another item or surface. I broke the plate when I accidentally banged it against the countertop. She banged her cup against the table to show her displeasure.
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bang something against someone or something

to strike something against someone or something. (Usually refers to striking with something that can make a banging noise.) She banged the spoon against the pan to call everyone to dinner. He banged the pan against me and made me very angry.
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bang against someone or something

to knock or strike against someone or something. The shutter banged against the side of the house. The board banged against me and hurt my shin.
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References in classic literature ?
Peter sprang a couple of yards in the air, and then delivered a war-whoop and set off round and round the room, banging against furniture, upsetting flower-pots, and making general havoc.
The sun flamed down as hot as a furnace, and neck-scarfs, veils and umbrellas seemed hardly any protection; they served only to make the long procession look more than ever fantastic--for be it known the ladies were all riding astride because they could not stay on the shapeless saddles sidewise, the men were perspiring and out of temper, their feet were banging against the rocks, the donkeys were capering in every direction but the right one and being belabored with clubs for it, and every now and then a broad umbrella would suddenly go down out of the cavalcade, announcing to all that one more pilgrim had bitten the dust.
The castle is won!'' And these sounds he rendered yet more fearful, by banging against each other two or three pieces of rusty armour which lay scattered around the hall.
The whitewashed room was pure white as of old, the methodical book-keeping was in peaceful progress as of old, and some distant howler was banging against a cell door as of old.
Two ships heard on sonar what appeared to be tools banging against the ARA San Juan's hull.
The driver was very erratic and kept banging against the kerb and they followed him onto Lindley Moor Road.
He said: "Most of it is just common sense, just making sure someone doesn't hurt themselves by banging against something."
Reshma was saved when soldier Abdur Razzak spotted the pipe she had been banging against the wreckage to try to attract the rescuers.
ATHE blackness is caused by blood between the nail and the nail bed, probably caused by your foot banging against the end of your shoe whilst jogging.
suspended on either side of the ship, banging against
Prosecutor Claire Ward said neighbours had complained to police on three separate occasions about early morning noises of shouting, moaning, groaning and a bed banging against the wall coming from the Cartwrights' home.
Prosecutor Claire Ward said there were complaints of early morning shouting, moaning, groaning and the sound of a bed banging against the wall.
"It felt like the house was being shaken from the rooftop - my bed was banging against the wall and you could hear this creaking.
Prosecutor Jane Davies told Cardiff Crown Court: "They heard a banging against the shutters and found a ball was being kicked against the premises.
Planners are insisting the multi-use games area which is part of the plans isn't floodlit and has boards on the boundary fence to reduce the noise from balls banging against it.