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1. verb, vulgar slang To have sex. I heard that Katie and Brad banged last night after leaving the bar together. He's not a long-term relationship-type of guy. He clearly just wants to bang you.
2. verb, slang To take an illegal drug via injection. I knew he was struggling with his addiction again when I overheard him saying that he needed to bang.
3. noun An injection of illegal drugs. I knew he was struggling with his addiction again when I overheard him talking about getting a bang.
4. noun, vulgar slang An act of sex. Yeah, Brad was a great bang—I'd go home with him again.
5. noun The strength or potency of something, usually an alcoholic drink. Whoa, this drink has quite a bang—I'll be drunk in no time at all!
6. noun The rush or surge that one experiences after taking a drug. I'm not using that stuff again! Too much of a bang for me.
7. noun Joy or excitement. I always get a bang when I come home from work and there's a package waiting for me.


1. slang Very attractive or sexually appealing. A colloquial shortening of "banging." Wow, she is bangin'—she's way out of my league! Have you seen her since she started working out? She's got a bangin' bod now.
2. slang Excellent or outstanding. A: "I hear they make some tasty beats here." B: "Oh yeah, the beats are bangin'!"
3. slang Very loud in volume. I can't listen to bangin' music like that anymore—it gives me a headache.
4. slang Exciting or enjoyable. Aw man, I heard the party was really bangin'. I'm sorry I missed it.
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1. mod. good; exciting. We had a banging good time at the concert.
2. mod. good looking; attractive. Who was that banging chick I saw you with last night?
3. mod. [of music] loud. That band is really banging. I think I am deaf!
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