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1. A sausage. Primarily heard in the UK. We're going to have bangers and mash for dinner tonight.
2. The front bumper on a car or other vehicle. My banger got messed up in the accident, but luckily, the rest of my car is OK.
3. slang A hypodermic syringe, as used to inject illegal drugs. In that seedy part of town, you're liable to find bangers discarded by junkies on the sidewalk.


A name for a four-stroke (or four-cycle) engine, as is found in many cars. I need to get my four-banger tuned up one of these days.
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n. a four-cycle engine. (see also banger.) Your 4-banger shouldn’t be so loud. How’s the muffler?


1. n. the front bumper of a vehicle. (see also 4-banger.) Other than a dent or two in the banger, this buggy’s okay.
2. n. a hypodermic syringe. (Drugs.) Jed dropped his banger and really panicked when it broke.
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The Porkiuson Banger range is made from 80% outdoor reared lean pork shoulder and is 100% British, carefully sourced from British farmers whose pigs have roamed free with continual access to shelters.
Since the crew of Banger 602 had been using the formation call sign of Banger 1 all day, they inadvertently had answered the controller's instructions, using Banger 601 instead of 602.
Head bangers are not significantly different from non-head bangers in their developmental test scores, or when they begin to walk or talk.
"Lloyd's love of banger racing was something he inherited from his dad, Ron.
David McDonald is to open a Grainger Market Geordie Banger Co
6of 10 M Signature Hot Dog Sausages, PS2.99 for 6, Morrisons y Tester says: Classic and delicious - a really meaty banger. The skin is quite thick, but that means they keep the juiciness inside.
Since the team's return to the Ricoh this season they have taken a battering, slipping into the relegation zone, but Banger is in their corner willing them on.
On Tuesday, six butchers who know their onions battled for the highly coveted West Midlands Banger Award.
A STOCK-car racing benefits cheat who said he couldn't walk without excruciating pain was caught "banger" to rights.
"The umble banger is back and it may well be its time as more people look for cheap comfort food and value for money."
Great Britain speedway hero Eddie Kennett has revealed the secret behind his World Cup success - banger racing.
Of all the foods in Britain, the British Sausage Appreciation Society (BSAS) claims the humble British banger is one of the nation's favourites.
One of those taking part in the Rotary Banger Rally, which sets off tomorrow at 7pm, is Barry Badham, president of the Rotary Club of Birmingham Barry, who will be in a 20-yearold Honda Civic, which until recently was sat in a farmyard, said: "From Birmingham to Venice in bangers worth no more than PS300, we will be driving in Top Gear style - or is it bottom gear - to raise over PS20,000 for local charities."
TONY 'Banger' Walsh was used to being battered by grannies' brollies on his way into the wrestling ring as the bad boy went to grapple with Big Daddy.