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A name for a four-stroke (or four-cycle) engine, as is found in many cars. I need to get my four-banger tuned up one of these days.


1. A sausage. Primarily heard in the UK. We're going to have bangers and mash for dinner tonight.
2. The front bumper on a car or other vehicle. My banger got messed up in the accident, but luckily, the rest of my car is OK.
3. slang A hypodermic syringe, as used to inject illegal drugs. In that seedy part of town, you're liable to find bangers discarded by junkies on the sidewalk.


n. a four-cycle engine. (see also banger.) Your 4-banger shouldn’t be so loud. How’s the muffler?


1. n. the front bumper of a vehicle. (see also 4-banger.) Other than a dent or two in the banger, this buggy’s okay.
2. n. a hypodermic syringe. (Drugs.) Jed dropped his banger and really panicked when it broke.
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Geordie Bangers will be attending the National Youth Market today and tomorrow between 10am to 4pm, featuring between 25 and 30 stalls.
If they move it from London they could still call it a London Banger.
Claire Hilton, The Porkinson Banger Brand Manager says: "We wanted the packaging to capture the brand ethos and stand out on the supermarket shelf.
Their survey of 120 estate agents revealed that 35% of prospective housebuyers would refuse to bid because of a neighbours' banger and in one case a house with five old cars on the drive reduced the price of a neighbouring property by 25
Banger 1 now was heading back from the Grand Canyon.
Depending on the study, anywhere from 3-15% of normal children are head bangers.
But Kenilworthbased Banger will be hoping for a better reception when he takes his seat at Eathorpe VIllage Hall tomorrow for a play based on the life of Shirley Crabtree - aka Big Daddy.
Whether you're sticking to the classic mash combo or looking to try something a bit more exciting, Asda's expert sausage buyer (what a title) Guy Dobson has the insider tips to help you cook up a banger.
Toffee apple is not the only banger with a big difference on sale at the farm shop.
Mr Osbourne, from The Blagdon Farm Shop, in Seaton Burn, was crowned North East winner of British Sausage Week's national sausage competition with its Blagdon Birthday Banger.
Drug addicts crave their medicine of choice, and it's the same for me except that my drug is a banger.
The Porkinson Banger has livened up its packaging with colourful boxes designed to stand out in the competitive premium sausage category.
The umble banger is back and it may well be its time as more people look for cheap comfort food and value for money.
Of all the foods in Britain, the British Sausage Appreciation Society (BSAS) claims the humble British banger is one of the nation's favourites.