bang your/their/our heads together

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bang (people's) heads together

To forcefully make two or more people act, behave, or think in way that is appropriate or necessary. We're so far behind because your team keeps procrastinating. You need to go in there and bang their heads together. She claimed she would go into the negotiations and bang everyone's heads together until a deal was reached.
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bang your/their/our heads together

To scold two or more people harshly. If you two do something this stupid again, I'm going to bang your heads together!
See also: bang, head, together

bang (or knock) people's heads together

reprimand people severely, especially in an attempt to stop them arguing.
1998 Community Care There are few signs yet that the SEU has been willing to bang government heads together over social security policy.
See also: bang, head, together
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Joanne and Gayle believe someone deliberately banged their heads together but police say they can nd no evidence of a crime being committed.
Metaphorically, having banged their heads together for a collective strategy in order to take on what Ms Lagard called, orgy, the ECB seemed to have agreed to boost the money supply by injecting massive flow of cash into the arteries of countries of euro zone, in the hope of buckling the trend - countries in the euro zone slipping into the trap of deflation and economic stagnation.
Birmingham City Council brought them together and banged their heads together They formed the Alliance and came together.
The minister should, long since, have abolished them or banged their heads together and given clear and unmistakable orders marked "Action this day", as Winston Churchill used to say.
If someone had banged their heads together sooner we might not be teetering on the brink of a fourth consecutive failure to qualify for a World Cup.
The woman, in her 30s, twice slapped her sons over seven years and once banged their heads together for fighting.
Later, as they awaited the return of the jury, the two footballers, who first met when they were at Manchester City's youth academy, banged their heads together.
You might have thought their mother would have acted as an adjudicator, banged their heads together and said sort it out boys.
It's reflected in the South African media, in the statements of its politicians, and in its refusal last week to send Zimbabwe EUR30m of agricultural aid until the politicians have banged their heads together and implemented the power sharing agreement.
He over-egged things wildly with his blatant 'Labour values' speech at the party conference, Tony Blair trumped him and John Prescott banged their heads together over dinner.
He revealed: "When I heard about the incident I hauled them in and banged their heads together.