bang your/their/our heads together

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bang (people's) heads together

To forcefully make two or more people act, behave, or think in way that is appropriate or necessary. We're so far behind because your team keeps procrastinating. You need to go in there and bang their heads together. She claimed she would go into the negotiations and bang everyone's heads together until a deal was reached.
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bang your/their/our heads together

To scold two or more people harshly. If you two do something this stupid again, I'm going to bang your heads together!
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bang (or knock) people's heads together

reprimand people severely, especially in an attempt to stop them arguing.
1998 Community Care There are few signs yet that the SEU has been willing to bang government heads together over social security policy.
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"Some of us banged our heads together and we didn't translate - we modified the English to suit the Welsh."
"John Hughes and I were for hanging ourselves at Gleneagles last weekend until Walter Smith banged our heads together.
If someone had banged our heads together at the time then we could have been happy ever after.
"Everyone knows that we couldn't agree terms at the start of the summer but I'm glad to say we banged our heads together and finally got a contract signed for the forthcoming season," said the head coach.
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