bang/knock your/their heads together

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knock your/their/our heads together

To scold two or more people harshly. If you two do something this stupid again, I'm going to knock your heads together!
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bang/knock your/their ˈheads together

(informal) force people to stop arguing and behave in a sensible way: I’d like to bang those stupid politicians’ heads together.
See also: bang, head, knock, together
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and I hope they bang their heads together,' Atienza said.
He must get hold of the bosses of social media companies by the scruff of their necks and bang their heads together.
And Alliance chief Naomi Long said the British and Irish governments needed to bang their heads together to get Stormont up and running.
The woman, in her 70s, said: "We were never loved, ever, by any of them." The witness told how one nun would make misbehaving children get on their knees and she would bang their heads together.
Now she intends to bang their heads together when they meet.
What the two stories do have in common is that we should see that these guys are fundamentally compatible--and we sometimes want to bang their heads together!
Can I please appeal to the nitwits who are responsible for this ridiculous situation to bang their heads together? John Broughton, By email.
He said: "It has been too protracted a process and I would bang their heads together.
"If the Trust and Geoff Moss can bang their heads together and make a decision I don't mind which way they go.
His ability to assemble a great team, bang their heads together for generating ideas and maintain the stubbornness until he gets what he wanted, did make him unique in the corporate world.
CARDIFF CITY boss Dave Jones hailed his battling players last night - then admitted he had to "bang their heads together" after their wages arrived late ahead of a vital victory against Leicester.
"The public like coalitions, they can get the politicians to bang their heads together. I think we paved the way for that style of thinking."
This might have been due to the fact the age group attracted to Gray's music is much too civilised to bang their heads together and wave their lighters around in the Academy's usual fashion.
If all this sounds good, imagine what you get when two highly accomplished custom knifemakers bang their heads together and throw their efforts into producing state-of-the-art factory tacticals.
But it needs someone to come along and bang their heads together.