bang the drum

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bang the drum

To voice one's support for something. Quit banging the drum for that candidate—he is simply not qualified for the job.
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bang the drum


beat the drum

If you bang the drum or beat the drum for something or someone, you support them strongly and publicly. The trade secretary promised to `bang the drum for industry'. If the French want to beat the drum on behalf of French culture, good luck to them.
See also: bang, drum

bang/beat the ˈdrum (for somebody/something)

(especially British English) speak with enthusiasm in support of somebody/something: She’s really banging the drum for the new system.
See also: bang, beat, drum
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Environment: Page 5 For all latest business updates, click on to our website Home comforts ACCOUNTANT Keith Robinson may have a passion for travel -but Teesside, where he continues to bang the drum for local industry, is where his heart is.
It's important that I bang the drum for libraries and reading.
So it is up to the public to bang the drum and cause a rumpus over the treacherous proposed EU treaty.
HERE'S your chance to bang the drum for England with the Pukka Pies England Band.
His job with the organisation--launched on 1 April--will be to help bang the drum for the North West's food and drinks industry at home and abroad.
HOWARD SAYS: If no-one else is prepared to bang the drum, we must do it ourselves.
For the Bang the Drum project to create an interactive community learning network that will build the capacity of the community to use the Internet and work together online.