bang (people's) heads together

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bang (people's) heads together

To forcefully make two or more people act, behave, or think in way that is appropriate or necessary. We're so far behind because your team keeps procrastinating. You need to go in there and bang their heads together. She claimed she would go into the negotiations and bang everyone's heads together until a deal was reached.
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bang your/their/our heads together

To scold two or more people harshly. If you two do something this stupid again, I'm going to bang your heads together!
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bang (or knock) people's heads together

reprimand people severely, especially in an attempt to stop them arguing.
1998 Community Care There are few signs yet that the SEU has been willing to bang government heads together over social security policy.
See also: bang, head, together
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With fewer admissions to hospital, expensive beds will be closed with more people being treated at home and therefore, the new committee is so crucial to bang heads together and make STPs work.
THERESA May is ready to bang heads together when feuding Cabinet Ministers gather for a Brexit summit.
It may even be necessary to create a new position that owns DXM, and it has to be high enough on the organizational totem pole with the authority to bang heads together and break down cross-functional silos.
It had the power to bang heads together locally, and with a revitalised Government Office, managed to have the north east's voice and interests heard loudly in the corridors of Whitehall.
We must tackle this housing shortfall and bang heads together of the policy makers and money men.
Last December, Lacson was claiming that one of the reasons he was appointed rehabilitation czar was his reputation as a "basagulero"-meaning, in the government context, that he had the reputation of being able to bang heads together if the situation called for it.
Mr Harper added the commissioners had "the right to bang heads together to bring together the police, the crown prosecution service [and] the voluntary sector".
Calling for an immediate knife amnesty and a long-term, multi-agency approach to knife crime, he said: "We've got to bang heads together and see how effectively we can get the message across.
Napolitano, 88, who has greatly increased his loosely defined powers since last year, stepped in to bang heads together and force the formation of a coalition government following a long hiatus after inconclusive elections in February.
The elected mayor with hard power over local services and the soft power to do deals, bang heads together and formulate a vision for the future could drive real change and economic growth in Newcastle.
There could be little doubt that a Liverpool city region mayor with executive powers, able to bang heads together in the interests of all of Merseyside, and intervene when inter-district squabbles break out, would provide a fresh driving force for our economic revival.
He needs to think about a Plan B and bang heads together to secure the urgent action needed to ease the euro crisis threatening to sink Britain's recovery.
Others speculated that a Ban visit would put too much pressure on the talks, while an alternative view was also given that he would only have came if he needed to bang heads together to get the talks moving again.