bang for your buck

bang for (one's)/the buck

A lot of value for little cost. That restaurant is great, and the prices are very reasonable—you get a lot of bang for your buck. If we choose an affordable resort on this beautiful island, I think we'll get a lot of bang for the buck.
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bang for your (or the) buck

value for money; performance for cost. US informal
1995 Desktop Publishing Journal These additions to RunShare…will surely give you the most productive network, the most ‘bang for your buck’.
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ˌbang for your ˈbuck

(American English, slang) if you get more, better, etc. bang for your buck, you get better value for the money you spend or the effort you put in to something: Buyers get more bang for their buck with our cars.
Buck is an informal word for a dollar.
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"Our new Lineup Assistant tool is designed to try and find the players who will give you the most Bang for your Buck. We do this by bumping up the FFN rankings and projections to the weekly salary amounts from the daily fantasy league platforms."
Apart from the beautiful flickering light lanterns give when filled with candles, they are work just as well if they are not being used, so you get twice the bang for your buck. Large birdcage, PS23.50, small birdcage, PS8.50; decorative lantern, PS22.99; birdcage place cards, PS3.99, with a heart cut from cream A5 card blanks, PS4.50; crochet coaster pattern to make your own, PS2.50, all Hobbycraft.
You can customize your zombie load to get the most bang for your buck while taking down the walking dead.
Cannabis is no longer seen as good bang for your buck."
The ad featured pink bikini-clad women in high heels and standing around a message that reads "More Bang For Your Buck: Upfront Payment is Required."
Lots of bang for your buck and not an alphabetical album filler in sight.
IT'S toys for the boys time with Robert Llewellyn and Ashley Hames, who take two bits of kit and compete to see which gives you most bang for your buck.
At 18 tracks long, Hits And Exit Wounds offers plenty of bang for your buck, but perhaps only diehard fans will want to listen to it all in one hit.
When it comes to remodeling, part of good planning is making decisions that wilt give you the best bang for your buck. Some people think they can save money by performing some of the remodeling tasks themselves or by using home<enter "bargain basement" products such as plumbing fixtures, lighting and paint.
"It's a lot of bang for your buck, in terms of exposing you to a wide audience."
But you'll get more bang for your buck by starting in the attic and basement/crawlspace.
(If it's gross-out you're after, a quick visit to ["PURE EVIL SINCE 1996"] offers way more bang for your buck.)
Though having increased in Harlem, the property is still substantially less expensive compared to below 96th street, and the idea of getting more bang for your buck remains steadfast industry wide.
The following are some novel suggestions for getting more bang for your buck and enhancing the education of today's students.
The August 2004 issue contained an article that ranked a number of conservation organizations ("Bang for Your Buck," "Expeditions").