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MOBILE PHONE users are now getting more bang for their buck, paying almost a quarter less than they were a decade ago.
Provo -- BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY (BYU) is among the top schools to offer MBA students the most bang for their buck, according to Forbes magazine's biennial list of best business schools.
The further upward tuition spirals, the more fervently college-bound students and their parents will demand more bang for their buck. At universities, we must change the way we think about our own product.
Today's most successful farmers aren't just farmers--they're also businesspeople who get the most bang for their buck through investments in rurally located value-added ventures.
With limited budgets, many mills are asking how they can obtain the most consulting "bang for their buck." Solutions!
Yet the consensus among industry insiders seems to be that terrorists would most likely get far more bang for their buck by aiming their villainy elsewhere--at least when it comes to contaminating our water supply.
The price of the cards is equally excellent, offering gamers on a budget another choice to get the best bang for their buck," said Tim Gerritsen, CEO of game developer Human Head Studios.
"We've got the best crew in the city, and we're going to make absolutely sure our customers get the best bang for their buck."
In other words, subjects give more generously when they can get a bigger bang for their buck.
Patients with employer-provided health coverage aren't getting enough bang for their bucks, according to a survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research and Educational Trust (Health Aff.