bang against

bang (something) against

To smack something against another item or surface. I broke the plate when I accidentally banged it against the countertop. She banged her cup against the table to show her displeasure.
See also: bang

bang something against someone or something

to strike something against someone or something. (Usually refers to striking with something that can make a banging noise.) She banged the spoon against the pan to call everyone to dinner. He banged the pan against me and made me very angry.
See also: bang

bang against someone or something

to knock or strike against someone or something. The shutter banged against the side of the house. The board banged against me and hurt my shin.
See also: bang
References in classic literature ?
As knocking was of no use, Pinocchio, in despair, began to kick and bang against the door, as if he wanted to break it.
Robbo took a bang against Wolves towards the end of it and his quad has just swelled up a little bit.
Chop-tackling flanker Lydiate returns to face the bruising 'Boks despite having had a metal plate inserted into his eye socket having taken a heavy bang against Fiji.
WESTERN SYDNEY WANDERERS were unable to cope with their Asian Champions League fixture congestion last season but Tony Popovic's side are much better than the ninthplaced finish would suggest and they can start this term with a bang against Brisbane, writes Mark Langdon.
He played a key role in Australia being crowned Rugby Championship kings this summer and starting their quest for a third World Cup triumph with a bang against Fiji, Uruguay and England.
More than two years since being sent home from the tour of Australia, Finn has returned with a bang against the same opposition.
The No 9 has been out for so long some of us probably forgot about him, but he was back with a real bang against Hull City with two goals.
Adams is also demanding that Norwich go out with a bang against the Gunners in what is basically a meaningless match.
Barry is ineligible for Everton's final home game - against City - so he wants to go out with a bang against Manchester United.
Nicky Law last night praised Rangers team-mate Dean Shiels for coming back from the wilderness with a bang against East Fife.
We've got to beat Dudley and hope for some miracles elsewhere but, whatever happens, we'll be trying to go out with a bang against Dudley and overall I'm proud of what we've done.
22 NEATH rounded off their British and Irish Cup campaign with a bang against Stirling County at The Gnoll, writes Tony Poole.
Transporting unprotected parts to support for repair creates more damage because they bang against each other.
The prop suffered a heavy knee bang against Australia, while injuries to James Graham and Gareth Ellis are also a cause for concern.
REGARDLESS of what happens at Rugby Park, Celtic can still go out with a bang against Motherwell.