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THEY are the bane of our lives but in Solihull at least, a number of potholes are set to be repaired following a cash boost from the Government.
The darkness deepens for Silverspoon Cameron, not just by missing the boat on utility controls, but by his own chancellor''s willingness to fight a PS1m battle to protect massive bonuses for the other bane of our lives - bankers.
Money is often the boon and bane of our lives. "The Money Flow: How to Make Money Your Friend and Ally, Have a Great Life, and Improve the World" is a guide to becoming passionate through how you earn your living, and how to turn that passion into something that can set you up for a lifetime of well-being.
"The 12 shirt has been the bane of our lives," Mitchell admitted.
Can't he understand that these are not wanted, and that the cost of his hare-brained ideas have to be met by the rate payers, who quite candidly are fed up with him, his inability to deal with real issues which are the bane of our lives - violence, drug abuse, theft and burglary.
Mobile phones are the bane of our lives - ringing at funerals, interrupting conversations and generally being a nuisance.
Since I now qualify to be counted in surveys of the over-50s, I was intrigued to discover I am included in a generation which finds modern packaging to be the bane of our lives. It says that 'older' people are driven to 'wrap rage' by impenetrable packaging.
HenryWeston Off-road vehicles in general are the bane of our lives. If they're not churning up the countryside they are ruining the tranquillity, but its not only this aspect, it's the danger and distress they pose to people and animals.
Burrow, like two team-mates, now has four runners-up medals and admitted: "That seems to be the bane of our lives. We've been involved in finals and the great build-up that goes with them but we've not quite got the s win."
RAIN is the bane of our lives for most people living in Britain.
Call centres are already the bane of our lives, with their unwanted, unsolicited, and unnecessary calls.
These security numbers are the bane of our lives. I can just about remember the pin number for my debit card.
Both the boon and bane of our lives. I got on to this one after receiving this month's credit card bill, from which I discovered that, in the previous 28 days, I had been to no less than eight different towns or cities.