bane of (one's) existence

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bane of (one's) existence

The source or cause of one's misfortune, unhappiness, frustration, or anxiety, usually used hyperbolically. I swear, this project is the bane of my existence. I've been working on it for months and still haven't made any real progress! Jane has been constantly annoying me all week. She's been the bane of my very existence!
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the bane of somebody’s ˈlife/eˈxistence

a person or thing that makes somebody’s life unpleasant or unhappy: That car is always breaking down! It’s the bane of my life. OPPOSITE: a ray of sunshine
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bane of one's existence, the

The agent of one’s ruin or misery; a thorn in the flesh. The earliest meaning of the noun bane was “murderer” and was so used in Beowulf (ca. a.d. 800). A somewhat later meaning was “poison,” which survives as part of the names of various poisonous plants, such as henbane or wolf’s bane. The current sense, an agent of ruin, dates from the late 1500s. Today it is almost always used hyperbolically, as in “The new secretary loses all my messages; she’s become the bane of my existence.”
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While The Troubles hangs over her home town, Erin has troubles of her own - she is terrible with boys, is convinced nobody understands her, and her best friends Clare and Michelle, along with the bane of her existence - 'weirdo' cousin Orla - cause her no end of problems.
Elevator pitch: Fate plays matchmaker between a movie sound director who sees visions of his future and a jilted bride whose name has been the bane of her existence.
There is no way she will be kissing Hayden, the bane of her existence. They were once childhood friends, but now she sees him as an enemy.
She deals with things daily that would make my stomach do somersaults, but mice are the bane of her existence. (She doesn't have any love for rats, either, but we haven't had trouble with them.) So, when mice appear, it's time for war.
With the youngest, Roberta (twins Aila McCubbing and Zanti McCubbing), still in diapers, the pic focuses primarily on overachieving teen Beatrice, better known as Beezus, and the hyperactive 9-year-old she sees as the bane of her existence, Ramona.
Jason Abernathy is a nuisance and the bane of her existence. Jason enjoys teasing Marjorie, who he would like to see on a social basis, but she rejects his minor advances.