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bandy about

To talk about something in a loose or gossipy manner. A noun or pronoun can be used between "bandy" and "about." They are bandying about that story as if it's the truth. Management is just casually bandying about the idea of layoffs. Don't bandy that nonsense about here, we're not buying it.
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bandy around

To talk about something in a loose, frivolous, or gossipy manner. A noun or pronoun can be used between "bandy" and "around." Don't bandy that nonsense around here, because we're not buying it. Someone from management has been casually bandying around the idea of layoffs. "Fraud" is not a term I bandy around lightly.
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bandy with

To argue or otherwise exchange views with someone. You can bandy with him all you want, but I doubt you'll ever reach an agreement.
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bandy something about

to spread something, such as someone's good name, around in an unfavorable context; to toss words around in a gossipy fashion. (Bandy means to toss or hit something back and forth.) Just stop bandying words about and start telling the truth! There is no need to keep bandying about those rumors.
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bandy with someone

to argue [with someone]; to argue by "playing catch with words." (Bandy means to toss or hit something back and forth.) Why are you bandying with me? She has been bandied with enough. Give her a straight answer.
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bandy about

To make frequent and casual or frivolous use of a name, word, or idea: The word "genius" is bandied about too much when new authors are discussed. It made me angry that gossipy neighbors were bandying my name about.
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Jones seems simply unaware of literary scholarship of recent decades; for example, he charges into the issue of homoeroticism, bandying about the word "homosexual" unreflectingly with no acknowledgment of the vast recent theorizing and debate on this subject, and his fulminations against homophobic criticism betray no recognition that sonnets have been studied by those sympathetic to their homoerotic potential.
All the vague allusions to oral and anal fixations, the specious bandying about of terms like "repression," "compulsion," and "fetish," the detection of penises, vaginas, and breasts in every artwork--it's painful to read, not because of the uncomfortable psychic truths it turns up, but because it's so full of bad causal reasoning and outmoded shrink jargon.
Fever after their Carling win over Everton when they started bandying about the "Q" word.
But boss Cooper said: "It's not daft money that some people have been bandying about.