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make out like a bandit

Rur. to make a large profit. Joe's making out like a bandit, selling expensive cameras. Mary made out like a bandit, playing twenty-one in Las Vegas.
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make out like a bandit

Succeed extremely well, as in He invested in real estate and made out like a bandit. This expression likens other forms of success to that of a triumphant robber. It may, however, come from an intermediate source, that is, the use of bandit (or one-armed bandit) for a slot machine, which is far more profitable for the house than for gamblers. [Slang; c. 1970]
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one-armed bandit

A slot machine, as in It's amazing how many people think they can make money playing a one-armed bandit. This term refers to both appearance and function: the operating lever looks like an arm, and the machine in effect robs players, since it "wins" and keeps the player's money in an overwhelming majority of instances. [c. 1930]
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make out like a bandit

To be highly successful in a given enterprise.
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It is the rebels who are carrying out banditry activities.
What happened was banditry act and the SPLA forces in division 2 have started a mountain to mountain search," Aguer told the state-owned SSTV on Friday.
Bennett is accused of illegally possessing arms for the purpose of banditry, terrorism and inciting acts of insurgency.
The judge said, "This was organised banditry for uniquely high stakes.
Four chapters: "Villainy in Black and White," "Slaves as Subversives," "Blacks and Social Banditry," and "Gangland: Crime and Culture in Contemporary America," move roughly forward in time, despite much doubling back.
Banditry and lawlessness replaced military conflict.
His comments may dismay western leaders, who say banditry is rife across the country and fear the Northern Alliance is seeking to entrench itself as the de facto administration.
After the tribal clashes of last year, Darfur now is the scene of attacks by militiamen, armed banditry and criminal activities which became a major source of instability during the recent months.
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He said that a committee was formed for investigating Abu-Karshola incidents by a team from the Ministry of Justice, headed by the prosecutor in Um-Rawaba and a number of charges were filed under the articles (130) Murder, (175) robbery (167) banditry (Haraba), (182) damage (183) assault on property of citizens and government institutions.
Government spokesman Bereket Simon told Reuters two Germans, two Hungarians and an Austrian died in the dawn attack in an arid area prone to banditry where separatist rebels have operated.
During the meeting, president Saleh reviewed with the security and military leaders the developments on the national arena and the negative repercussions of the underway crisis on the citizens' lives as a result of the terrorist, sabotage and banditry acts committed by outlaws and terrorists to disturb the country's peace, stability and economy.
It is damaging your country's image by conducting banditry and piracy.
Ethiopia's communication minister Bereket Simon said: "We have reports that the incident has occurred and is an act of banditry.