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All sorts of rough jests and catchwords were bandied about among them; and the story of the Diamond turned up again unexpectedly, in the form of a mischievous joke.
Strange rumours began to be bandied about -- rumours of murdered immigrants and rifled camps in regions where Indians had never been seen.
Loud laughed the foresters, as jests were bandied about between the singing, and louder laughed the friars, for they were lusty men with beards that curled like the wool of black rams; but loudest of all laughed the Tinker, and he sang more sweetly than any of the rest.
There is not an excess of delicacy or chivalry in the ordinary country school, and several choice conundrums and bits of verse dealing with the Simpson affair were bandied about among the scholars, uttered always, be it said to their credit, in undertones, and when the Simpson children were not in the group.
Yes, it's potential, but there are plenty of names bandied about, so I'll bandy his name about.
I would suggest they have been bandied about by the Circuit's critics.
He said: "You just have to do the maths when you get the kind of money that is being bandied about in the IPL.
com], that is often not entirely clear when the acronym is bandied about.
Moore's name has been bandied about as a potential presidential candidate for the far-right Constitution Party.
The name of the bishop of Newcastle, Roger Herft, was being bandied about by those fond of the notion of a non-British archbishop of Canterbury.
A military fave now bandied about in the business sector, as in "We've been brainstorming for three hours and we're still AOS.
After hours and hours of Post-It Notes and take-out food, winners and "best practices" contributors were bandied about, debated over, argued for and against, and ultimately agreed upon.
The word diva gets bandied about so much these days that those who get the title don't always deserve the crown.
1) cast the spotlight on the changing face of the English language, as bandied about by netrepreneurs.