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bamboo ceiling

A figurative discriminatory barrier in the workplace that impedes the career progress of Asians and people of Asian descent, preventing them from reaching top leadership positions in a company. Coined by the writer Jane Hyun, it is derived from the term "glass ceiling," which refers to the subtle discriminations that prevent women from advancing to the top positions in business. Mark was worried that his Chinese heritage might result in a bamboo ceiling if he tried to get a promotion down the line.
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Bamboo Curtain

The sociopolitical, economical, and ideological division or barrier between China and western nations. Modeled after the similar Iron Curtain describing the barrier between the Soviet Union and non-Soviet countries during the Cold War. Although in recent years China has relaxed its attitudes about trade and involvement with other nations, there still undeniably exists a Bamboo Curtain between it and the rest of the world.
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the bamboo curtain

an impenetrable political, economic, and cultural barrier between China and non-Communist countries.
Formed on the pattern of the iron curtain (see at iron), this phrase dates back to the 1940s.
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