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Everton Football Club People Director Kim Healey said: "We pride ourselves at Everton and EitC of being an inclusive organisation and promoting equality and diversity and we are pleased to sign up to the Bambis Quality Mark and play our part in helping mums across Liverpool feel welcome and comfortable when feeding their children."
'Although women have the right to breastfeed their baby wherever and whenever they choose to, the Bambi organisation is very aware that some women can feel apprehensive breastfeeding in public.
And I liked "Bambi." I thought it was a very good movie.
Goodison Park and all Everton in the Community facilities - including The People's Hub and The Blue Base - will have the "Bambis" Quality Mark on display to let fans know they are welcome to breastfeed.
It's remarkable how close you can get your children to everything from baby 'Bambis' to stags with huge antlers.
They call them Bambis in the States, Born Again Middle-Aged Bikers.
The sport is on the increase among middle-aged men, known as Bambis (born again middle-aged bikers), who have more money to spend on their hobby - and the latest, high-powered machines.
There are also the Bambis, Pixies, Logies, Webbys, Rockies and the Outies (though there are no Innies).
They vary from Arctic penguins and woodland bambis to Noah's Ark.
Liverpool BAMBIS (Babies and Mums Breastfeeding Information and Support) are a team of peer supporters who offer breastfeeding support and information to pregnant women, breastfeeding mums and their families.
The city's peer support group for breastfeeding, Liverpool Bambis - based at Wavertree, Childwall and Woolton Children's Centre - has supported 16,000 mums over the last five years.
Speaking on behalf of the union's Larnaca branch a certain Nadia Kyritsis (do not know if she is the mother, wife, sister, cousin or daughter of PEO's big boss Bambis) said workers should be protected, but she did not blame the neo-liberal policies of the right wing government for threatening the jobs.
Lot 3 Andreas Vesalius website Montigny-le-Tilleul - the Creche Bambis. None.