balls of feet

balls of the/(one's) feet

The bottom part at the front of the feet that the toes connect to. For this dance move, you'll need to stand on the balls of your feet. When you're running, pay close attention to where the balls of the feet strike the ground.
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balls of one's feet

the bottom part of the feet just behind the toes. Mary got blisters on the balls of her feet from playing tennis. The dancer balanced on the balls of his feet.
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Shami Thomas, of cosmetic firm Transform, said: "Inquiries for dermal filler injections into the toe pads, heels and balls of feet have doubled since last year."
* Heels touching ground, but 70 percent weight on balls of feet.
Now position toes and balls of feet on the step with arches and heels extending off.
Start to rock back and forth gently, inhaling as you rock forward onto balls of feet, exhaling as you rock backward onto heels.
She sets up on the balls of feet, ready to make a quick turn to the proper position (angle) to make the save.
Use the same technique as Walking on Balls of Feet II but walk with your bands straight overhead, reaching for the sky.
While the skin is still damp, gently work a pumice around heels and balls of feet. Or try Mavala Swiss Foot Care Smoothing Scrub Cream, pounds 9, or Superdrug Exfoliating Foot Scrub, pounds 1.99.
The initial contact is made with the big toes, then the balls of feet, heels, and finished by lowering the hips toward the floor.