ballpark figure

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ballpark figure

An approximate number; an estimate. Do you have a ballpark figure for the cost of the renovations? That's just a ballpark figure—they don't know exactly how many people will be attending the event.
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ballpark figure

Fig. an estimate; an off-the-cuff guess. I don't need an exact number. A ballpark figure will do.
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ballpark figure

An acceptable, roughly accurate approximation, as in I know you can't tell me the exact cost; just give me a ballpark figure. This term alludes to a baseball field, which is always an enclosed space. The expression is basically an extension of the somewhat earlier in the ballpark, meaning within a reasonable range, and out of the ballpark, beyond a reasonable range. [Slang; late 1960s]
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a ballpark figure


a ballpark estimate

A ballpark figure or a ballpark estimate is an approximate figure or quantity. Note: A ballpark is a park or stadium where baseball is played. But what are we talking about here — a few thousand, millions, two bucks? Give me a ballpark figure. I think just in a ballpark estimate — about 60-40. Sixty would support, 40 percent would be opposed.
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a ˈballpark figure

a number which is approximately correct: I know we haven’t really discussed costs yet, but can you give me a ballpark figure?
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To get a ballpark figure, you add up the value of everything in the estate - including gifts made in the last 7 years before the person died - and take away any debts, like bills and funeral expenses.
The chairman talked about a 7 percent ballpark figure for unemployment.
We can say that the chance of any given corner not leading to a goal would be - a very rough ballpark figure - 44 out of 45.
He was pressed whether he could give a ballpark figure.
According to the PAC report, LOCOG's original ballpark figure for the number of security guards in and around the venues was 10,000, which is a 'finger in the air estimate.
I'd say pounds 7,000 is a ballpark figure, but it will certainly cost several thousand pounds.
Ballpark figure for four series of ITV2 reality shows and chat show with her ex-husband - pounds 1,500,000
Mathematicians can 'prove' almost anything if they put their minds to it, but that particular ballpark figure doesn't lie.
When Newcastle agreed to sell Milner for pounds 12m they couldn't have foreseen that the decision could end up costing them pounds 100m in total - the ballpark figure for losing top flight status.
Kassinis gave a ballpark figure of three to five years when asked one might expect actual drilling to commence in Cypriot waters.
2 million, and custodial overtime is budgeted for $798,000, which is just a ballpark figure, considering more than $1 million was spent on custodial overtime last year.
Harry Smith, a vice president of XGenesys, said the eventual cost to build enough long-term power line capacity is unknown, but he's heard a ballpark figure of $200 million.
Commercial director Joe Verdi said: "We are still putting a finance package together but pounds 150m would be a ballpark figure for the cost of the Anglesey development.
The current estimate is that 6% of the population is gay, but this is just a ballpark figure and could be completely out.
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