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balk at

To be hesitant about doing something or to refuse to do it. My dog balked at leaving the park. The young performer balked at taking the stage at the talent show.
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balk at the idea (of something)

To indignantly reject or recoil from a given idea, topic, or suggestion. He balked at the idea of reducing the number of staff to pay for an increase to the executives' pay.
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balk at something

to resist and object to something; to shy away from doing something. I hope they don't balk at finishing their work. They will probably balk at it.
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balk at

1. To stop short and refuse to go on to do something: The horse balked at jumping over the fence.
2. To refuse something obstinately or abruptly: The politician balked at the compromise suggested by the opposing party.
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Either way, Maddon wasn't buying balk even as he conceded the call bothered Darvish.
"Obviously everything went south after the balk, which was not a balk," Maddon said.
And I can't disagree with you, but it seemed like after the balk, things changed a bit."
As soon as Ruiz caught the pitch, "time" should have been called and the balk rule should have been invoked.
If on arrival customer finds the system busy, the arriving customer either decides to join the queue or balk. Let [b.sub.n] represent the probability, when the system size is n with which the customer decides to join the queue in order to be served or balk with probability 1 - [b.sub.n], when there are n customers in the system upon arrival (n = 0, 1,..., N - 1), where the capacity of the system is finite N.
[alpha] [right arrow] 0, [b.sub.i] = 1, 0 [less than or equal to] i [less than or equal to] N - 1; that is, the customers neither balk nor renege.
Hence, a better performance result can be achieved by choosing the value of [eta] less than [mu], which is coherent with the intuition that the more frequently customers balk, the more customers are in queue and the more possibility to lose customers.
Bard was hit with another balk, allowing Moustakas to reach third, and the mistake proved critical when Getz's single tied the game.
"I can't remember the last time I balked in my life, ever.
Developed nations balked at a UN-backed conservation plan that included international payments for not drilling in Yasuni National Park, reports BBC News.
After the first couple of months of the season, a report was made public identifying each four-man umpiring crew and the number of balks each called.
In the American League, the crew of Don Denkinger, Drew Coble, Tim McClelland and Larry McCoy called a league-high 60 balks as did Rich Garcia, Nick Bremigan, John Hirschbeck and Rick Reed.
In the N.L., Doug Harvey's crew that included Jerry Crawford, Bob Davidson and Frank Pulli, led the majors with 65 balks called while the crew of Bob Engel, Paul Runge, Joe West and Charlie Williams came up with a low of 11 balks.