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balk at the idea (of something)

To indignantly reject or recoil from a given idea, topic, or suggestion. He balked at the idea of reducing the number of staff to pay for an increase to the executives' pay.
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balk at

To be hesitant about doing something or to refuse to do it. My dog balked at leaving the park. The young performer balked at taking the stage at the talent show.
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balk at something

to resist and object to something; to shy away from doing something. I hope they don't balk at finishing their work. They will probably balk at it.
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balk at

1. To stop short and refuse to go on to do something: The horse balked at jumping over the fence.
2. To refuse something obstinately or abruptly: The politician balked at the compromise suggested by the opposing party.
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Next time you are shooting approaches with your CFII, have him or her throw in a "surprise" balked landing after descending below the MDA/DA.
Universal Music Group will raise the suggested retail price of its CDs by $1 to improve profit margins for merchants after many balked at the company's push to slash prices last year, a source familiar with the plan said Friday.
Last week, council members balked at a recommendation by city officials to eliminate funding for sidewalk repairs this year.
Calling it a sign of disrespect to the Latino labor leader, the council balked at approving a city employees' contract that overlooks the holiday scheduled on Monday.
Supporters of the master plan - which was put together by Los Angeles World Airports, the city agency that runs Van Nuys and other city airports - welcomed its proposed increase in lucrative jets allowed, but small prop plane operators worried they were being forced out, and residents balked at the potential for more noise.
But Hawaii balked at USC's proposal and no tapes traded hands.
Because of those plans, which are still indefinite, officials have balked at committing to another long-term lease on the Spring Street building because there is a possibility they won't need the space at all.
He balked the tying run to second, and fell behind 3-0 but worked a full count as Raul Vega assumed the at-bat because of an injury.
Teammates rallied around Flores (3-0) early, offering encouragement after he balked a runner to second and allowed a run-scoring single that gave Carson a 1-0 lead in the second inning.
USC will not change its uniforms this season because equipment manufacturers have balked at making the change so soon, according to coach Pete Carroll.