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balk at the idea (of something)

To indignantly reject or recoil from a given idea, topic, or suggestion. He balked at the idea of reducing the number of staff to pay for an increase to the executives' pay.
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balk at

To be hesitant about doing something or to refuse to do it. My dog balked at leaving the park. The young performer balked at taking the stage at the talent show.
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balk at something

to resist and object to something; to shy away from doing something. I hope they don't balk at finishing their work. They will probably balk at it.
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balk at

1. To stop short and refuse to go on to do something: The horse balked at jumping over the fence.
2. To refuse something obstinately or abruptly: The politician balked at the compromise suggested by the opposing party.
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Dethlefsen & Balk, 1005 North Commons Drive, Aurora, Illinois 60504.
Balk has worked with the Company as outside counsel since 1989, and has played a significant role in CDT's public offerings, financings and acquisitions over the past several years, including CDT's acquisition of Nortel's structured wiring business.
The coffee beans are always put through a mild, aroma-improving prolonged roasting process in order to achieve a unique quality; Dethlefsen & Balk offers the coffee in 250 gm bags and 5 kg bags.
Hernandez called the balk on Perez, and that fed into Grissom's homer and the Giants' victory.
Another concern for the Dodgers is Perez, who hasn't won since May 23 and obviously was bothered by the balk call from first-base umpire Angel Hernandez in the sixth inning.
The Wolverines added a run with two outs in the third inning when Josh Satin doubled and then scored from third on a balk by Tiffany.
MeDOT selected software and services from Bentley, GEOPAK Transportation, Kenneth Balk & Associates Inc.
Embodied by career-best performances from Kyra Sedgwick, Parker Posey and Fairuza Balk, these people earn hard-won breakthroughs every incremental, elusive step of their well-specified ways.
Drew Peterson (Canyon) scored on a balk by pitcher Mike Duran to give the McCoys a 4-0 lead before Chris Palma (Sylmar) scored on a single by Ryan Malleus (Harvard-Westlake of Studio City) to put the McCoys up 5-0.
Balk talk: Ortiz's balk, which led to a Cincinnati run, actually was the work of 17-year veteran shortstop Barry Larkin, who had bluffed down the third-base line.
Balk talk: There was no rule change or directive from the California League to be stricter in enforcing balk rules.
The Oregon State baseball team defeated Northwestern 2-1 at Surprise Stadium in the opening game of the stadium, thanks to a balk by Wildcats reliever Tommy Bordignon with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth inning.
JORDI BALK admits the thrill of making his Ross County Debut was marred by another Dingwall disappointment.
Meanwhile, authorities and traders in the northern Balk province said a delay in election results had led to a decline in imports by 35% and exports by 70%.
Bilodeau was called for a balk in the bottom of the seventh that brought home the winning run, as second-seeded Oxford (22-3) won the Division 4 Central Mass.