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(as) baleful as death

Dangerous and dire. The storm has made the waves baleful as death—I'm not sure we'll reach the shore alive. The eerie song was baleful as death and sent a chill down my spine. I wouldn't go out tonight if I were you. That full moon is looking as baleful as death.
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*baleful as death

promising evil; very threatening. (*Also: as ~.) The wind's moan was as baleful as death. His voice sounded baleful as death.
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"It's just me and the dogs," he said, looking balefully down my top.
Traffic lights are ignored, unless the burly police officer with a walkie-talkie is on the crossroads and looking balefully at anyone who dares look at him.
At the end of his lectures, he would look balefully at his students and say, "You must be reborn, you rats." True, he had taken a Double First in classics and history.
Painfully thin adults in raggedy clothes, staring balefully at the camera in a fetid refugee camp.
Avatar notwithstanding, pop energy swung decades ago to the side of dystopia, which, rather than asking us to explore political possibilities, urges us to revel in the thrills of oppression--the balefully beautiful neon-lashed high-rises of Blade Runner, the sinister doppelgangers enforcing the illusions of The Matrix, teenagers fighting to the death in The Hunger Games.
The truth is that a number of papers occasionally drop the odd card, although the red tops hold the line, staring balefully at each other and refusing to be the first to blink.
After flying into Harare, the capital of this formerly rich and now starving country, Godwin says that "[Mugabe's] portrait is everywhere still, staring balefully down at us."
Balefully, they eyed a "good number of the low, mischievous, and disgusting publications now on the table." The committee was in fact already intimately familiar with these types of publications, but their review of them inspired the RTS to redouble their efforts "to publish tracts with the express purpose of meeting and suppressing the lowest class of books now circulating." To this end, they deemed it "expedient to descend the scale which the society's publications have hitherto maintained, in order to meet the evil so much complained of." Furthermore, the committee resolved to focus their attention on discovering "the best means" for putting their new, lowbrow tracts into "extensive circulation." (2)
He added balefully that "the people that are taking the risks- or would be taking the risks- [now] start thinking twice about what it means to do this in the US."
That tall man is John Cleese, and the image of him staring balefully out from the hood of his four-season sleeping bag rather sums up the reason we haven't seen him in the UK for so long.
Not even the RCMP has a count and, as the force balefully wrote in its report Human Trafficking in Canada earlier this year, "the extent of human trafficking and the number of victims in Canada is still virtually unknown."
For the next hour, she would glare balefully at the pale facade that enclosed our neighbourhood's bureaucracy, gently stroking the cloth in her lap.
Little Chief Tomahawk glares balefully from his bark tepee doorway." Showing a young Yosemite Indian dressed in furs with a feathered headband, half hiding behind his "bark tepee doorway" the image is a study in contradictions.
There was a better one: a sharp-eyed red-shouldered hawk, solid and sturdy, gazing balefully at the camera.