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(as) baleful as death

Dangerous and dire. The storm has made the waves baleful as death—I'm not sure we'll reach the shore alive.
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*baleful as death

promising evil; very threatening. (*Also: as ~.) The wind's moan was as baleful as death. His voice sounded baleful as death.
See also: baleful, death
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com/photos/kristenolson/4241806180- a sharp-eyed red-shouldered hawk, solid and sturdy, gazing balefully at the camera.
The boy walked through the roundabout, cars screeching to halt as he passed balefully before their headlamps.
As it stares at you balefully in its state of rigor mortis, you'll wonder why in God's not- so- green earth it was waiting to be eaten, tied on to a stick in the most insulting manner to another unfortunate member of its species.
The fruit dangled balefully from his weak fingers, looking limp, impotent and yellow.
Arnot, "the sweating, cursing assault troops advanced cautiously over a shambles of flat, shell-torn terrain, littered with battered pillboxes, half-destroyed equipment and Japanese grinning balefully in the last agony of death.
The theme of necessary death rites claims descent from the tragic heroism of Homer, Virgil and Antigone, where the fallen must be given proper ceremonies or else remain balefully 'undead', an outrage to gods and mortals.
These archaeological finds acted as spur for 'Uneternal City', as the baton of worrying what to do about Rome passed to a younger generation who now propose neural networks, valleys of desire and a balefully hovering Death Star.
And as Joe Stalin glowered balefully from behind his Iron Curtain, people crammed cinemas not simply to see Danny Kaye as Walter Mitty or James Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life, but to get the warmth so bone-chillingly missed in homes with empty coal scuttles.
THE four gaunt, haggard faces staring balefully over the breakfast table made me wonder if my sea journey really was necessary .
But our system, with its single-member districts and "first past the post" elections, is winner take all and damn the hindmost, a setup in which winners govern while losers look balefully on, preparing themselves for the next battle.
Increasingly baffled by his decline into ill-health and balefully looking back over his life, his comic timing is immaculate.
You look just like your dad/When you've got a drink in hand,' he sings balefully on Moron Sunday, a superb observation on how nights on the tiles to escape from the boring desk job catch up with everyone sooner or later.
After I got sick I balefully couldn't tote that barge.