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(as) baleful as death

Dangerous and dire. The storm has made the waves baleful as death—I'm not sure we'll reach the shore alive.
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*baleful as death

promising evil; very threatening. (*Also: as ~.) The wind's moan was as baleful as death. His voice sounded baleful as death.
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An unflinching depiction of tribalism and sexism, Ghost Wall is an intelligent work of fiction, one in which a character's baleful misunderstanding of the past helps explain our fraught present.
However, corruption and dishonesty being widely filled across Pakistan open ways for doomed opportunities to make money by contaminating and malfunctioning with the formerly baleful junk food.They boosted an increase ratio of obesity among heedless public depriving them of delight fullness and digging paths for laziness and unpleasant circumstances.
Jack, Algy, Gwendolyn and Cecily discover how unsmooth runs the course of true love, while Lady Bracknell keeps a baleful eye on the mayhem of manners.
Marking the 37th anniversary of the baleful decision issued by the occupation authorities on December 14, 1981 on annexing the occupied Syrian Golan to the Israeli occupation, the locals of Quneitra and occupied Syrian Golan affirmed that all the occupation's decision are null and illegal , stressing that Golan has always been Syrian.
The harsh reality of society is that child abuse and neglect is baleful, pervasive problem and most of the time it's the parents who are to be blamed.
Whatever the choice the warden fears The elephant will not be pleased And the issued ticket will soon be seized, Chewed and swallowed then and there While the warden gets a baleful stare From the pachyderm, who won't go far Before it sits on a hapless car, Flattening it like a fragile petal, And not an expensive chunk of metal Luckily, this sort of crime Doesn't happen all the time.
Meanwhile, Gabriel Byrne cuts a baleful figure as his loyal driver, drawn into the violent world of Demi's beautiful British-Asian mistress, Amber.
In a statement issued on Wednesday, the NHRC said it has monitored hundreds of instances of hate speech and incitement to violence like targeting Qatar with terrorist and subversive operations, attacking its media, and baleful dramas and music videos to intimidate citizens and residents of Qatar.
The fixtures are usually met with baleful looks by our support, particularly those who travel long distances to away, or indeed home games.
Summary: When the federal government's 1980 "Dietary Guidelines for Americans" warned about the baleful effects of saturated fats, public interest activists joined the fight and managed to persuade major food companies to switch to the shiny new alternative.
Her baleful legacy lives on with the current government busily enriching the already obscenely rich 1% at the expense of the 99%.
She lies down and gives me a baleful look that says, "You have lost the call of the ball."
With Adolf Hitler avenged and portions of the Royal Navy seized as war prizes, Nazi Germany casts its baleful gaze across the Atlantic towards an increasingly isolationist United States.
Or rather they were taken by that baleful black hound Buried deeply hidden, gnawing at the marrow of your mind.