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(as) baleful as death

Dangerous and dire. The storm has made the waves baleful as death—I'm not sure we'll reach the shore alive.
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*baleful as death

promising evil; very threatening. (*Also: as ~.) The wind's moan was as baleful as death. His voice sounded baleful as death.
See also: baleful, death
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THE news that the Government has performed an about face on the prospect of new dog laws has been greeted with a baleful eye on the forums at www.
The House vote's most baleful effects may be on Turkey's relations with Armenia itself.
Yet despite beautiful imagery--a baleful face projected onto the paper appears to weep giant paper tears; the sly humor of a man almost drowning in self-help books--the disappointingly meandering show sinks beneath energies not fully sustained.
There you can drive at up to 60 miles an hour and without the ever-watchful and baleful presence of speed cameras.
He argued that Washington's support to Shiites in Afghanistan and Iraq conclusively proved its baleful designs to stoke sectarian fires in the two nations.
The veteran Furlanetto has become dependably a marvel; his simplest gestures, vocal and dramatic, strike with trenchant power, and the dour Silva became the opera's baleful focus--and an even nastier piece of work than usual as he coolly sliced open the hapless Elvira's throat just in time for the final curtain.
Evil deeds shape bad Karma but one can undermine the baleful influence through regret and resolve not to repeat them.
When Wilkes finally did return to Parliament after his release from prison, he succeeded in purging from the records of the House all trace of his incapacitation, overturning this baleful precedent.
I especially enjoyed the baleful atmosphere of Bartok's third movement, which the composer called a "lugubrious death song," and the relatively lively and joyful finale.
Its baleful ultramarine was the unifying element in his recent solo exhibition, "Blue Movie (one more time .
Thankfully the time is long gone when the baleful legacy of Strachey influenced any thinking person's view of the Victorian era though his flippant nonsense naturally appeals to people such as the producers of television programmes.
On the rare occasions when analysis is inescapable, the writer resorts to stock interpretations of the baleful influence of Stalin or Hitler in military decision making.
The real axe, stained with blood, with which the assassin kills his victims is a baleful object; but the image of the axes is somehow beneficial.
The obvious hope that inspiring new paradigms for educational buildings might emerge from all this should not be overstated, as new projects must endure the baleful scrutiny of the PFI (Private Finance Initiative), the current UK system of public building procurement, which is doggedly driven by the tenets of cost cutting and mediocrity, making it much harder for architects and their clients to be imaginative or experimental.