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bald-faced liar

One who tells blatantly obvious or impudent untruths easily and with little or no attempt to disguise the lie. Everyone knows he is just a bald-faced liar. It's a wonder anyone believes a thing he says anymore.
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bald-faced lie

A blatantly obvious or impudent untruth, one in which the liar does not attempt to disguise their mendacity. Our son tells us nothing but bald-faced lies when we ask him where he goes at night.
See also: lie
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I cherished our baldfaced hornet nest as an architectural and ecological masterpiece.
STINGING INSECTS Wasps -including yellow jackets, baldfaced hornets and paper wasps - and bees sting to defend themselves or their colony.
is more like Reagan than like Bush." Two weeks later, David Broder of the Washington Post, often called the "dean" of columnists, wrote, in an almost baldfaced "mention," that "three years from now, he may have as good a chance at being elected president as any Republican you can name." (In that column, in which Bush is pictured "just back from a run" and is described by an awestruck Broder as "laid-back but still very much in command," you can almost see the oil of anointment being poured by Dean Broder's hand upon the pretender's head.) It was around this time, too, that polling began in earnest.
As I watch the current occupant of the White House and today's Republican Party's treatment of refugees, and the baldfaced efforts at voter suppression, and the concerted efforts of the Republican Party to remove health care from 20 million people 20 or 30 separate times with no replacement but lots of promises, I begin to wonder.
If proposing the juvenile Watson and Crick as meliorists takes baldfaced chutzpah, proffering David Baltimore as a descendant of Oliver Wendell Holmes,requires a censors hidden hard-on for hypocrisy.
Last year, for example, after he either refused to answer questions or said he did not remember basic facts, a judge tossed out the convictions of two men who had been in prison for more than two decades as he accused Guevara of telling "baldfaced lies."
Anyone who wants to talk about this being a done deal is absolutely a baldfaced liar," Poynton said.