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bald-faced lie

A blatantly obvious and/or impudent untruth, one in which the liar does not attempt to disguise their mendacity. Our son tells us nothing but bald-faced lies when we ask him where he goes at night.
See also: lie

bald-faced liar

One who tells blatantly obvious and/or impudent untruths easily and with little or no attempt to disguise the lie. Everyone knows he is just a bald-faced liar. It's a wonder anyone believes a thing he says anymore.
See also: liar

bald as a coot

Totally bald. My father had long hair as a teen, but now he's bald as a coot.
See also: bald, coot

be as bald as a coot

To be totally bald. My father had long hair as a teen, but now he's as bald as a coot.
See also: bald, coot

bald-headed hermit

vulgar slang A penis. Hey, I don't want to see your bald-headed hermit—pull up your pants!

bald-headed mouse

vulgar slang A penis. Hey, I don't want to see your bald-headed mouse—pull up your pants!
See also: mouse

*bald as a coot

 and *bald as a baby's backside
completely bald. (*Also: as ~.) If Tom's hair keeps receding like that, he'll be bald as a coot by the time he's thirty. Fred: Now, I'll admit my hair is thinning a little on the top, butJane: Thinning? You're not thinning, you're as bald as a baby's backside!
See also: bald, coot

as bald as a coot

completely bald.
The coot (Fulica atra) has a broad white shield extending up from the base of its bill. The history of the word bald is somewhat obscure, but analogies with other northern European languages suggest a connection with the idea of ‘having a white patch or streak’.
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(as) bald as a ˈcoot

having no hair on your head at all: Why did you buy him a hairbrush? He’s as bald as a coot!
A coot is a black bird with a white patch on its forehead that lives on or near water.
See also: bald, coot

bald-headed hermit

and bald-headed mouse and one-eyed pants mouse
n. the penis. (Usually objectionable.) Somebody said something about the attack of the one-eyed pants mouse, and all the boys howled with laughter. Although “bald-headed hermit” gave her mental images of Ghandi on vacation, she soon figured out the riddle.

bald-headed mouse

See also: mouse
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