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Allows the balancing of IP protocols such as Web, email, FTP, LDAP, streaming audio and video, UDP, TCP, DNS, and SSL
Allows the balancing of multiple network devices, including: Internet servers, firewalls, routers, cache servers, proxy servers, multimedia servers, VPN, NFS, and LDAP servers
The question remains, however, if balancing the budget will truly mean a net improvement for the nation's real bottom line, something that Catholics know as the common good.
Balancing Act also aims to reinforce the idea that balance can be practiced and improved.
F5 Networks successfully responded to the three major requirements of ShowNet, which included IDS load balancing, streaming CDN and firewall load balancing with its award-winning BIG-IP(R) local area traffic manager and 3-DNS(R) wide area traffic manager.
amp;uot;The Hydra1500 offers e-commerce customers the benefit of HydraWEB's advanced load balancing technology at a level commensurate with their needs.
com added Hydra5000 load balancing devices to handle the surge in traffic that resulted from the company's Super Bowl commercial.
Integrating a firewall with HydraWEB's load balancing technology allows Bridge and other forward-thinking e-businesses to authenticate and route customers in one seamless step.
Phobos Corporation, manufacturer of enterprise networking products, today announced the IN-Switch(TM), a load balancing embedded server switch that represents a radically new approach to network switching technology.
More Efficient Load Balancing: Equalizer's industry-leading adaptive load balancing algorithms, which compute server load estimates in real time, have been improved to provide even more efficient use of existing server resources.
The new product, HydraWEB's HydraHydra (HH100), is a new infrastructure device that, through parallel load balancing, Internet Cookie-based traffic prioritization, and a Java-based Global Services Management tool, provides the first technological solution which is required by the next generation of e-commerce sites.
21, 1998--With the market careening and experts unable to predict its ups and downs, a key technology, application-aware load balancing from HydraWEB Technologies, Inc.
Inclusion of RSA security technology enhances market leadership in load balancing technology for Internet and Global Intranet financial