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What key forces would this street performer need to counter in order to stay balanced on the unicycle?
McMahan, as a quality assurance officer, manages the Balanced Scorecard process at AMSC and facilitates the improvement process with the AMSC Corporate Board.
But the full benefits of effective balanced scorecards are not being realized for more than 80 percent of typical companies examined by Hackett.
The opponents of changing the Balanced Budget Act tend to be conservative Republicans from safe congressional districts who believe that the proper role of government is little more than national defense and criminal justice.
The Balanced Scorecard builds that picture with financial and non-financial measurements, such as customer loyalty, quality, revenue, and employee knowledge.
Our worthy legislators were quick to sense some easy votes--er--the public mood, and the contemporary obsession with the balanced budget began.
For state governments, a balanced general fund budget for a given fiscal year requires that revenues plus surpluses from preceding years be at least as large as outlays.
3 slot on BE's annual listing of the best balanced mutual funds (see "Down But Not Out," April 1995).
The relevance of the 1932 experience to today's ongoing debate over the Balanced Budget Amendment goes beyond the obvious point that it is foolish to raise tax rates during a depression.
The president can propose and Congress can pass budgets every year that will balance the budget if it needs to be balanced.
This February, Simon will offer the same amendment as before: Each fiscal year, the president must present a balanced budget to Congress.
All that remained was to find a formula with a benefit buildup pattern that was balanced among all groups--that is, more than the traditional final average but less than cash balance at younger ages (in cash terms), while more than cash balance but less than an equal cost traditional final average pay plan at the later ages (in terms of the annuity that can be obtained).
A day after President Clinton appeared to open the door a bit to a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget, Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin slammed that door shut again Wednesday, declaring that the administration would ``actively oppose'' the adoption of any such amendment.