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But, facing having to make huge savings to balance the books, the council says that reviewing options to 'externalise' the market could save PS22,000.
And campaigners said schools will be forced to cut staff as they struggle to balance the books.
JURGEN KLOPP insists Liverpool don't have to balance the books following the PS75million capture of Virgil van Dijk.
McGregor fans have flooded sports books with $100 bills backing the mixed martial arts fighter, and even a late surge of money on Mayweather might not be enough to balance the books.
To balance the books, Mr Hammond must have another think - but I have a suggestion.
Monitor have now revealed a 'recovery plan' is being drawn up to balance the books and protect frontline services.
All that the politicians are doing is trying to balance the books.
Maybe that's why the FA have booked them into an exclusive PS500-a-night Chantilly chateau for next summer's Euros, while at the same time sacking 100 backroom staff to balance the books. Sackings which I'm sure leave the players saddened and bemused.
Mr Clegg said: "If you vote for the Liberal Democrats, public sector workers will be secure in the knowledge that their pay over the next two years, as we continue to balance the books, will not be cut any further in real terms and, once you balance the books, it will return to normal public sector pay levels."
A report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has called into question whether any party would be able to balance the books in the next parliament, Sky News reported on Thursday.
In 2010 a promise was made that if we were all in it together five years' austerity would balance the books. George Osborne has failed to balance the books and we are definitely not all in it together.
Cameron and Osborne pledged in 2010 to protect the NHS, make people better off and balance the books by reducing debt and eliminating the deficit.
So Labour will balance the books in the next parliament."
SCOTLAND'S top police officer has admitted job cuts and property sales will be needed to balance the books.
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