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The Balance Project is an online hub to share ideas, daily victories and challenges and even have some fun as we all embark on a journey to sustain balance.
To keep balance on his unicycle, Holm pays close attention to his --, the spot where most of the mass of the body is concentrated.
To make the matter worse, when the companies have holes in their balance sheets and are minimizing debt, no amount of monetary stimulus will prompt them to start borrowing money again.
Balance sheet account reconciliations are one of the oldest and most important accounting processes.
Some older adults have a fear of falling," says Pittsburgh balance researcher and physical therapist Patrick Sparto.
According to the arrangement this time, VA Linux will provide VA Balance and its support to Clara Online, and meanwhile Clara Online will recommend VA Balance to its customers of dedicated server service for Linux as the load balancing component (up to Layer 4).
For example, eliminate balance sheet (or other detail) presentation where the taxpayer owns 100 percent of the foreign subsidiary, there is no subpart F income, and there are no changes in ownership during the year.
Balance is a matter of collecting information from the environment on where your body is in space and how its position is changing, and then responding with adjustments by your musculoskeletal system.
Key words: DLC coating; hysteresis; Josephson constant; kilogram artifact; Planck constant; watt balance.
In order to compete for the liquid assets of businesses, banks set up complicated procedures to pay implicit interest on compensating balance accounts.
Protein delivers nitrogen to the body and nitrogen balance is the means by which protein is measured.
The maintenance of posture and the ability to move about the environment depend on orientation and balance.
In the case of the alternative test, whether the allocation is respected depends on a determination of any negative capital account balance a partner is required to restore.
They might ask: Why the rush now to balance the budget after years of deficit spending?
If we balance the budget, interest rates could drop as much as 2 percent.