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brown bagger

Someone who brings in their own packed lunch (e.g., in a brown paper bag), as for work or school. The brown baggers of the office always go out to the park to eat on nice days.
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brown bagger

A person who brings his or her own supplies, as in The architects of the new office designed a space for brown baggers to eat lunch. The term originated in the 1930s in Britain for very serious students who carried their books about with them in brown briefcases or bags. That usage crossed the Atlantic within a few decades. However, in America from the 1960s on, it has primarily been used for persons who brought their own liquor in a brown paper bag, either legitimately or surreptitiously, to a public place or restaurant not licensed to sell it, or for those who took their lunch to work.
See also: bagger, brown


1. n. a hit good for two bases in baseball. Wilbur hit a nice double-bagger in the top of the fourth.
2. n. a very ugly person. (see also Bag your face!, brown bag it, triple-bagger, coyote-ugly.) Fred is what I would call a double-bagger. What a mug!


n. a home run in baseball. Wilbur hit his third four-bagger of the season.


1. and triple n. a hit in baseball that gets the batter to third base. Wilbur connected for another triple-bagger in the fifth.
2. n. a person whose ugly face is so frightful that three bags are required to conceal it. (see also double-bagger, coyote-ugly.) He’s worse than a triple-bagger—if that’s possible.
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