bag of tricks

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bag of tricks

1. The items that one has available for use. The phrase originally referred to the items a magician would use for magic tricks. Let's see what I have in my bag of tricks to entertain the baby.
2. The skills that one has available for use. Our new pitcher has a killer fastball in her bag of tricks. She's an ace negotiator, so you know she has a few more surprises in her bag of tricks.
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bag of tricks

Fig. a collection of special techniques or methods. What have you got in your bag of tricks that could help me with this problem? Here comes Mother with her bag of tricks. I'm sure she can help us.
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bag of tricks

One's stock of resources and stratagems, as in Mom can fix anything-you never know what she will pull out of her bag of tricks. Alluding to the magician's bag of equipment for performing magic tricks, this term was first recorded in 1694, when Jean de La Fontaine, in one of his fables, has a fox carry a sac des ruses ("bag of tricks").
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someone's bag of tricks

Someone's bag of tricks is the set of special techniques or methods that they use in their work. Made in '98, this is a great film with the director going through his bag of tricks to brilliant effect. Let's see what he can pull out of his bag of tricks in tonight's match. Note: This expression refers to the bag in which a conjurer (= someone who does magic tricks) carries the equipment they need for their performances.
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a bag (or whole bag) of tricks

a set of ingenious plans, techniques, or resources. informal
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a bag/box of ˈtricks

(informal) a set of methods or equipment that somebody can use: Hotel managers are using a whole new bag of tricks to attract their guests.
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Our reflections on the implementation of the Bag of Tricks game enable us to highlight a number of observable benefits.
26), fails to mention another sticky point in the World Trade Organization's bag of tricks.
But the star of the show was Diamonds striker Martin Glancy who teased and tormented the home side all evening and had everything except a goal in his bag of tricks.
As the '04 vehicles roll into dealerships one thing is clear--next year's new technology is a mixed bag of tricks.
Melancon said working CPAs seem woefully unaware of the fraudsters' bag of tricks.
If you go for loud and thrashy, bank on this mixed bag of tricks.
These pain doctors have more than just medication in their bag of tricks.
Whatever your strategy - being aggressive on the basepaths or playing long ball - the bunt remains a very useful tool to have in your bag of tricks.
Just when she thinks her night is ruined, she meets the Harvest Fiddler with his mysterious bag of tricks.
We found ourselves somewhere near the diminishing point of civilization, not far from the trickster's bag of tricks.
So go back into your bag of tricks, or call your marketing consultant and discuss what can be done when this happens.
The electronic organizer, or note pad, is another innovation often found in the traveling communicator's bag of tricks.
Instead, Gandhi with his back against the proverbial wall reached deep into his bag of tricks and, like a cat with nine lives, pulled yet another rabbit from his hat: a hunger strike.