a bag of nerves

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a bag of nerves

Someone who is very nervous, anxious, or uneasy. Primarily heard in UK. I was a bag of nerves before the test started. Look at that poor bag of nerves over there. She's so anxious she's shaking. Carrie's been a total bag of nerves waiting for the doctor to call with the test results.
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a bag (or bundle) of nerves

a person who is extremely timid or tense. informal
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a bag/bundle of ˈnerves

(informal) a person who is very frightened, worried or nervous about something: She was a bundle of nerves at the start of the interview but she became more confident later.He’s a bag of nerves. He needs a break.
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The rule for keepin' it cool When you're a bag of nerves, it can be hard to control what rolls off your tongue.
Sugrue, on a course of antibiotics for an insect bite sustained at last week's European Amateur Team Championship in Sweden, admits he was a bag of nerves teeing it up in practice yesterday afternoon.
ROBROY 2 CLYDEBANK 2 STEWART MAXWELL admits he was a bag of nerves lacing up his boots again - because he didn't want to let the Rob Roy boys he bosses down.
Chesney is a bag of nerves, he's got a bad feeling about this.
Chesney's a bag of nerves, while Carla sticks her oar in, telling Daniel he should make his feelings for Sinead known before it's too late.
I'm a big bag of nerves - and a very clumsy one at that" Model Daisy Lowe, a Strictly contestant "History teaches us that we seem to be a tribal breed.
The most popular kid in his class is holding a party on the same day as Alex, his brother is a bag of nerves as he prepares for his driving test, while their dad (Steve Carell) is facing a testing job interview and mum (Jennifer Garner) is supervising a celebrity event for her hard-to-please boss.
Mulroy is likely to be a bag of nerves, fully aware that his Nedbank debut is merely to bolster the South African contingent, with the tournament organisers smarting that Ernie Els and Retief Goosen are not in town.
Sharp, from Edinburgh, admits she's already a bag of nerves about the UK Athletics trials next weekend.
"I was a bag of nerves all day, in the first session I was all over the place," admitted Higgins.
I'm just a bag of nerves. We just can't go down." Pubs surrounding the ground were packed with fans keen to follow the fortunes of the final day relegation battle.
The Barrow-based prospect admits he'll be a bag of nerves in the hours leading up to the event - the biggest of his career so far.
Begovic, axed in favour of veteran Artur Boruc only to be reinstated as No.1, was at fault for two Burnley goals (Ashley Barnes scoring, below) and looked a bag of nerves.
HYDRO HERO Anderson was bag of nerves before Whitlock win
The poor teen is a bag of nerves, so as her loved ones try to bring Nathan to justice, she begs them to let it go.