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Why, yes, he could not be badly off for money," replied D'Artagnan -- "it may be believed, since M.
We shortly lost all trees and even bushes; so that the inhabitants are nearly as badly off for firewood as those in the Pampas.
LIVERPOOL OR EVERTON "WITH Skrtel, Carragher, Agger, Wilson and Kyrgiakos on the books, Liverpool aren't too badly off for central defenders.
Armagh are not too badly off for fire-power but will need someone to take the burden off Ronan Clarke and Steven Mc-Donnell as the year progresses.
I didn't know all the players when I came in and there's been a huge turnaround and a big change but perhaps we weren't as badly off for players as was suggested even having lost so many from last season.
At that stage it was a question of join the queue for we were not badly off for midfield players.
We are not too badly off for players in midfield and defence but I would like to bring in a striker,' he added.
But Mascherano is quick to point out that Liverpool are hardly badly off for strikers.
The BBC must really be badly off for half decent material if this load of tosh, which is barely adequate for what used to be called Children's Hour, can command such a prestigious place in the weekend schedule.
The young generation is generally badly off for exercise.