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bad off

Without enough money to get by; poor. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. I've been bad off for the last few months; it's hard to make ends meet these days.
See also: bad, off

badly off

Without enough money to get by; poor. She was laid off from her job last year, and she has been quite badly off since then.
See also: badly, off

badly off for (something)

Without enough of something that one needs. Primarily heard in UK. I hope you get paid soon, we are badly off for groceries in the house.
See also: badly, off

come out badly

To result in something negative or unpleasant. I didn't mean to insult her hairdo, but everything I said just came out badly.
See also: badly, come, out

do badly by (someone)

To treat one poorly or disrespectfully. I know I did badly by Colin by not showing up for our study date—I should have at least called him.
See also: badly, by

reflect on (someone something)

To stand as evidence of someone's or something's qualities or merits. The principal seems more concerned that the incident will reflect poorly on the school, as opposed to whether anyone was hurt. Your poise under pressure really reflects on your ability as a leader.
See also: on, reflect

be badly off

1. To lack enough money to provide basic necessities; to be poor. She was laid off from her job last year, and she has been quite badly off since then.
2. To be in a difficult or unpleasant situation. We were badly off in our last apartment because the building was constantly under construction.
See also: badly, off

be badly off for (something)

To be without enough of something that is needed. Primarily heard in UK. I hope you get paid soon, we are badly off for groceries in the house.
See also: badly, off

be well turned out

To be dressed very nicely. She's always well turned out, so I'm sure she'll come to dinner in pearls and high heels.
See also: out, turn, well

be badly turned out

To be poorly dressed. Please don't be badly turned out when you come to this dinner party—sneakers are completely unacceptable.
See also: badly, out, turn

go down well

To be well-received, as by a group or audience. Three standing ovations! Wow, your performance really went down well!
See also: down, go, well

go down badly

To be poorly received, as by a group or audience. Yeah, you could say that my performance went down badly—I got booed off the stage.
See also: badly, down, go

do badly by (one)

To treat one poorly. I've been so absorbed in my job that I've done badly by my wife and kids.
See also: badly, by

go badly with (someone or something)

To be unpleasant and/or full of challenges. Things are going badly with my sister—she's sick again and her husband just broke his foot. Things must be going badly with this assignment if you still haven't finished it.
See also: badly, go

come out badly

[for efforts at something] to have a bad result. I hope trying to get back together with Joan doesn't come out badly.
See also: badly, come, out

go badly with someone or something

[for something] to proceed badly for someone or something. I hope that things are not still going badly with you. Things are going very badly with the project.
See also: badly, go

You scared the hell out of me.

 and You scared the crap out of me.; You scared the dickens out of me.; You scared the devil out of me.; You scared me out of my wits.; You scared the pants off (of) me.
You frightened me very badly. (Also with subjects other than second person. Of is usually retained before pronouns.) He scared the hell out of all of us. She really scared the pants off of me.
See also: hell, of, out, scare

bad off

Also, badly off. In unfortunate circumstances, poor. For example, Her husband's death left her bad off, or She had her pension and wasn't too badly off. The first term is colloquial. [Early 1800s] Also see well off.
See also: bad, off

be badly ˈoff

1 not having much money; poor
2 not in a good situation: I’ve got quite a big room so I’m not too badly off. OPPOSITE: be well off
See also: badly, off

be badly ˈoff for something

(British English) not have enough of something: My father also studied history at college, so I’m not badly off for books (= I’ve got quite a lot).
See also: badly, off, something

go down ˈwell, ˈbadly, etc. (with somebody)

(also go off ˈwell) used to talk about whether people like something such as a speech, performance, etc: Her speech went down well with the audience.
See also: down, go

reflect well, badly, etc. on somebody/something

make somebody/something appear to be good, bad, etc. to other people: This incident reflects badly on everyone involved.

be well, badly, etc. turned ˈout

be well, badly, etc. dressed: Her children are always smartly turned out.
See also: out, turn
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