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badge bunny

A woman who is exclusively or primarily attracted to those who wear a badge on the job, such as policemen or firemen. There is one woman who seems to appear whenever I am out on duty; I think she's a bit of a badge bunny.
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turn in (one's) badge

To stop working. I can't believe it's time to turn in my badge already—this internship just flew by! My father recently turned in his badge after 30 years at the same job.
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lost-and-found badge

An identification tag worn by armed forces members on a chain around their necks. I kept my lost-and-found badge from the First Gulf War to remind me how tough life can really get. The bodies in the unmarked graves were buried with their lost-and-found badges, so military personnel were able to identify them and repatriate their remains home.
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lost-and-found badge

n. a military identification tag; a military dog tag. (From the Persian Gulf War.) My father still keeps his lost-and-found badge from the Korean War.
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Finally, Corona-Norco's badging system can keep score--one district high school allows students to trade in points for football tickets, T-shirt and gift cards.
Corona-Norco's community also jumped on the district's badging bandwagon.
The digital badging team worked with the businesses to ensure the characteristics reflected in the Summit Badges aligned with the skills needed in the workforce, says Fuller, the badging manager.
In some wax 5, the discussion about digital badging parallels that of industry association certificates in terms of being based on solid quality standards, recognition by employers and signaling power to those who view them.
Digital] badging can answer that question in a way that a grade or, ultimately, a certificate or diploma cannot.
I'm very skeptical of the use of badging for motivation," he says.
And therein lies what is likely to be the most significant impact of badging technology on K-12 in the long run: its ability to allow certification to come from somewhere other than a school.
Both of these online environments are popular with proponents of the flipped classroom, as is badging in general.
One LM_Netter reported that she was considering giving badging a try, but wanted to explore the topic and then plan carefully before proceeding.
Finally, I asked for additional comments about our class badging experience and again received favorable responses and also requests that I keep up with the badges through the semester and in the future.
If electronic ID systems have given new flexibility to traditional employee badging, they have revolutionized the rebadging process as well through their ability to store and recall digitized portraits within minutes.
The need for convenient, cost-effective rebadging played an important part in Bell Helicopter's adoption of an electronic ID badging system.
The use of removable media allows production to take place at your badging and ID office while other ID images are being captured.