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badge bunny

A woman who is exclusively or primarily attracted to those who wear a badge on the job, such as policemen or firemen. There is one woman who seems to appear whenever I am out on duty; I think she's a bit of a badge bunny.
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turn in (one's) badge

To stop working. I can't believe it's time to turn in my badge already—this internship just flew by! My father recently turned in his badge after 30 years at the same job.
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lost-and-found badge

An identification tag worn by armed forces members on a chain around their necks. I kept my lost-and-found badge from the First Gulf War to remind me how tough life can really get. The bodies in the unmarked graves were buried with their lost-and-found badges, so military personnel were able to identify them and repatriate their remains home.
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lost-and-found badge

n. a military identification tag; a military dog tag. (From the Persian Gulf War.) My father still keeps his lost-and-found badge from the Korean War.
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But the company doesn't simply give teachers a badge for passing a course, they must show evidence--a video of their classroom, for instance--of having used what they learned.
So, the system--which has 13 colleges, 39 campuses and 135,000 students--created a MOOC where students can earn a badge for learning math contextualized for manufacturing, says Provost William Tammone.
Black Badge also brings the colour black to new levels of intensity.
The official Blue Badge costs PS10 and you can find more information on the eligibility requirements and how to apply or renew a Blue Badge through the Council's website or through the Government's official gov.
Different councils take different approaches to blue badge misuse.
In addition, the new IMA Accounting Honor Society (IAHS) offers a digital badge that students can share on social media and by e-mail.
The old badges were small, coin-shaped badges that lacked the appearance of official state business," Stick wrote.
Blue badges are issued by the DfT to those with severe mobility problems, allowing them to park at a range of locations with the maximum possible convenience.
understanding the badge ecosphere is helpful because it demonstrates the relationship among the parties involved, and it can also assist in understanding the practical implications for GTE.
n The I Told You To Get Your Shoes On, Now We're Going To Be Late And We're Going To Have To Run To School badge courtesy of adidas Trainers.
It was obvious that this abuse of the badge might lead to recruiting scandals, and that we were likely to find able-bodied men who had evaded conscription hiding behind the badge and a man who had broken his health and strength in the cause of his country.
It will also set process for applicants when a badge is refused on eligibility grounds.
Maybe if the 20-year expat invited a new expat into their social circle they might just be rewarded, not with a badge but with a great new friend.
US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan called badging "a game-changing strategy," and offered a $25,000 prize for the best badge concept serving veterans seeking skilled jobs.
As Kevin Carey states in The Chronicle of Higher Education, "The badge system, moreover, isn't just a transcript, CV, and work portfolio rolled together into a cool digital package.