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with the biggest, baddest new rifle" and concluding that "most of what you print is beyond the grasp of many of us.
A recent report by nuclear nonproliferation experts at Harvard University on the availability of the biggest, baddest weapons of mass destruction will send chills down your spine.
Michael Enyeart, scientist/ Telecommunications, for University Information Technology Services, likes to boast that IU has "the biggest and baddest network in higher education," and, in fact, the Bloomington campus has over 35,000 Ethernet ports, with each building served by a 100 Mbps or a 1 Gbps trunk.
And who is the baddest bad boy to cut a rakish swath across the last 400 years of dramatic literature?
One wonders about a possible descent from mythology's baddest junkyard dog, Cerberus, the triple-header who kept the riffraff away from Hades' portal.
Who's got the baddest brew with the coolest grub in the Windy City?
He said that Greek wineries had made major investments over the last few years in state-of-the-art equipment and have drafted in oenologists to ensure they were now making much better quality wine and not any more of "the cheapest, baddest stuff".
Over the half-century it now spans--from Tierra Mojada (The Bottoms [1947]) to La calle 10 (Tenth Street [1960]) to Chango, el gran putas (Shango, the Holy (Mother)Fucker, or Shango, the Baddest Dude [1983]) and beyond--Zapata's fiction has embodied a wide range of approaches to the representation of Afro-Hispanic experience.
Wool might recognize the necessity of accommodation, and even satisfy market demand with these seductive, tough-guy poses, but he probably also knows that even the baddest attitude eventually loses its sex appeal, and that today's outlaw is rarely tomorrow's hero.
Thus, during the Iranian hostage crisis, the baddest of the bad guys was the Iranian-flag-waving Iron Sheik, who hailed from the country's capital, Tehran.
Now Heatwave Interactive is giving players the chance to assist Trina with her own in-game missions where making savvy decisions is the way to become the biggest and baddest in today's music industry.
Especially if that boxer was once called The Baddest Man Alive.
An abundance of game modes and class distinctions will deliver a deluge of delights, alongside next to no competition in being the biggest, baddest monster on the console planet.
Participating trucks at press time include The Bacon Truck, The Happy Taco, Batch Ice Cream Insanewiches, Benny's Crepe Cafe, The Latin Spoon, Bon Me, M&M BBQ Ribs, Boston's Baddest Burger, Mei Mei Street Kitchen, Compliments Food Truck, Plouf Plouf Gastronomie, Cookie Monstah, Roxy's Grilled Cheese, Frozen Hoagies, Sweet Tomatoes, Fugu, Trolley Dogs, Gabi's Smoke Shack and The Whoo(pie) Wagon
According to the New York Daily News, at one time, Tyson was the baddest man on the planet, a heavyweight champion who terrorized anyone who got in his way, inside the ring or out.